This 15 year-old is Headed to Johns Hopkins

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Marley Dozier is headed for Johns Hopkins.  Marley is a 15-y/o leader whose life challenges would have you wonder how she’s managed what she has already achieved. Her own determination has pushed her well beyond that history and even beyond what most teenagers think about these days.  Marley is on a path to scratch her itch to explore a medical career.

In late 2018, Marley received the opportunity to attend a career event at Johns Hopkins University over the summer of 2019.  She immediately self-organized, found a mentor, and started preparing herself for the opportunity to get face-to-face with what inspires her most…the potential to find her place – a place that will allow her to change people’s lives.  What she needed to do first was to raise some funds for the trip.  Please check out the really short video below and if you feel inclined to be a part of Marley’s journey, please leave some words of wisdom in comments for her and if you are as impressed as I was to help her achieve her goal, then here’s her GoFundMe.

On behalf of The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation, we support youth leadership and our first member of The Frontrunners Youth League.  We look forward to watching Marley’s progress.


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  2. You are going to do wonderful things in your lifetime!! I love you, Marley!

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