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The Introducer Impacting Frontrunners League Members

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Frontrunners Innovate
Frontrunners Innovate
The Introducer Impacting Frontrunners League Members

The goal of The Introducer magazine is simply to help those game changers who are making the world a better place to expand their impact.  We measure our own impact by the quality of meaningful connections we help them make to get to that result.  To understand how we do that, you need to understand how the magazine is connected to its companion network.  Here’s the flow:

The Introducer magazine is the first international facilitated business networking magazine focused on social impact. With the goal of instigating meaningful conversations between featured game changers, this is the vehicle for interactions that lead to expansion of impact-related business.


The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation takes up where The Introducer leaves off.   It is a curated network of game-changing innovators, diplomats, thought leaders, researchers, and social-enterprise leaders.  This membership-based League becomes the place of action — where facilitated introductions are orchestrated aimed at developing business.

You can visit our timeline on development here.  You’ll find info to join here.

So, now that you know our real secret goal is to gather the most talented innovators and problems solvers in the world and move them toward people and opportunities that expand on what they are doing, we can share just a bit of what’s been happening with those we’ve been spotlighting in the magazine and those who are members of the League.

Here you go:

  • 1 League member advanced his startup to game changer status and landed in The Real Value of Health Tech edition of the magazine.As of this posting, he has been introduced to two of his “right types” for potential collaboration. (spring 2019)
  • A League member connected us to an investment group interested in another country’s education system. We were able to connect that person to another League member who is a former leader of education in that country’s government (Featured in the Education edition of the magazine).  They met the following week in person. Opportunity progressing.
  • One member received a Fast Co. award for innovation based on a League recommendation to apply and that same member is in conversations now with a Johnson and Johnson Innovation Lab regarding possibilities with them.
  • The Frontrunners League prepares to launch a youth version called The Frontrunners Youth League and The Frontrunners Youth Refugee League (2019-2020)
  • A member in healthtech was able to win a diabetes challenge with some assistance from the League.
  • Opportunity was extended to those members with interest in the “end-of-life” population to share their innovations with a home health and hospice agency
  • One member has been introduced to 4 resources for his clinical trials/pilot for his innovative wearable aimed at diabetics.  Three of those we introduced him to were featured in the same edition of the magazine as he was (The Real Value of Health Tech).  The 4th came from the previous edition (Women Leaders in Blockchain).  The member with the wearable has amassed support through our partnering organization (Living Learning & Working) from 3 Fortune 500 companies.
  • One member from Ghana was reunited with someone we featured as a stakeholder in the Real Value of Health Tech edition over a commonality in healthcare. The conversation turned up a potential collaboration on a healthcare project that will breathe life into a clinical space in Africa and introduce healthtech to an area of Africa in need.  Opportunity progressing.
  • A member with a disaster relief product received an order of 100 units as a result of her inclusion in The Disaster Readiness and Relief special edition. Likely to be another order forthcoming from that same customer.

  • A member with a focus on blockchain applications in the Marine industry was connected with another who provided more contacts to further impact and the two have also been engaging in information swaps with interest toward business.
  • League members from The Women Leaders in Blockchain edition started self-organizing before the edition went live. We have been facilitating monthly calls between them with results including collaborations, invitations to provide content for books, the formation of a think tank, and sharing of conferences and speaking engagements for in-person meetups. More at

Deb Tauber

“As a result of the Introducer magazine, several large organizations have reached out to congratulate me and as a result of that, I have been able to schedule either virtual or face-to-face meetings with them. Since the release of the magazine, I have been able to meet virtually with the Game Changer featured in the same edition, Tim Fitzpatrick.  Currently, this has expanded my LinkedIn network and I have connected with hundreds of new people online. Through these introductions and discussions, I have new clients.”

Deb Tauber, Founder & CEO, Innovative SimSolutions, LLC (The Real Value of Health Tech Edition) US

Phaedra Boinodiris


“I am deeply grateful for the connection to the US CDehamber of Commerce after being showcased in the Introducer. Their efforts in Re-skilling the Workforce deeply aligns with how I foresee Blockchain enabling micro-credentialing in education. In turn, I have already connected the USCOC with others in EdTech that can help them attain their vision. Thank you, Mary, for your efforts!” 


Phaedra Boinodiris, Blockchain Strategist, IBM (Women’s Empowerment Edition & Featured Contributor, Women Leaders in Blockchain) US

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