ThankGod Okosun Helps Nigerian Civil Society Organizations Prepare for Funding

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Frontrunners Innovate
Frontrunners Innovate
ThankGod Okosun Helps Nigerian Civil Society Organizations Prepare for Funding

ThankGod Okosun, MPH Ph.D. is the Organizational Development Advisor for the Palladium Group in Nigeria. The work he does helps Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to develop the structure that is necessary to achieve grant status.  Even with thousands of CSOs in the country, ThankGod says that only about 5% are eligible for funding.  There are many administrative steps to take to get to the “ready” status, which not only requires leadership but a certain amount of technical skill.  It is achievable with mentoring and scaled assistance.

ThankGod shares the need for this important work and his vision for accelerating the capacity to help more CSOs in the near future with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer, Mary Kurek.

Meet ThankGod Okosun.  (37-minute video)

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