Teenager from Tanzania Becomes Public Speaker and Youth Influencer

In Features22 by Mary Kurek

Namara at Dar debate 2020.

Namara’s father, Mulenga Lwansa, Ph.D., August. 2020

Publisher’s Note:  I feel what you’re about to see is actually a  Frontrunners Innovate success story. I met Namara Lwansa when her father contacted me after our mental health edition of the magazine was released.  He shared that he had a young daughter who had done an educational video on mental health and asked if I wanted to see the video.  Well, of course, I did.  Having viewed it, I immediately asked permission to send it to our Nigerian partner in education who, like me, was completely amazed at the presence, information delivery, and passion coming from this teenage girl.  What we have here is a young leader with speaking and writing skills, unafraid of complicated and “hushed” subjects, and impactful in her dedication to raising awareness and encouraging others.  It’s our pleasure to introduce to you Namara Lwansa and her father, Dr. Mulenga Lwansa in this interview:  (16-min video)

Namara’s Mental Health Presentation 2020


Due to Namara’s age, we are not making her contact information public, but, should an organization wish to connect with her for speaking, writing, or serving on a committee, please reach out to Dr. Osita Aniemeka, Founder of the Sub Saharan Open University, by connecting with him through Linkedin

This spotlight was produced with the full support and involvement of Namara’s father, Dr. Mulenga Lwansa.