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Networking Connections in The Introducer – Developing Youth as Global Citizens

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Big Impact News:  This edition produced an opportunity for The Introducer and its companion networks (The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation & The Frontrunners Youth Impact League) to partner with a featured game-changer, Dr. Osita Aniemeka, to work on an issue shared by many of the game-changers featured here. Calls are being set up now to start the process …

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The Introducer is Launching A Youth Mentoring Project With Game Changers in the 14th Edition

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The Introducer Launching New Global Mentoring Project with Youth Program Game Changers As the Founder and Producer of The Introducer, I get to talk with some of the most brilliant minds on our planet – people who are working on solutions to world problems with such passion that it humbles me to the core.  Through the process of getting to …

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Living the Legends of Others by Meghan Gardner

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At Wizards and Warriors STEM Camp, our campers are Heroes who play a role in an ongoing live story where they battle monsters and solve mysteries, while “powering up” through learning STEM. It sounds like a computer game, but campers are actually wearing costumes, wielding foam swords, and running into battle with their friends at their side.  However, at this …

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Youth Impact Game Changer: Alejandro Gaytan (United States)

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Alejandro Gaytan is Mobilizing Youth Leaders to Work on World Issues Alejandro Gaytan is a teenage leader who is way ahead of his years.  He is an innovator passionate about seeing others succeed.   Currently, he is the Head Tutor Teacher for the Department of Mathematics at Independence High School, teaching from rudimentary algebra to basic abstract algebra. Alejandro was named UN …

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The Introducer Impacting Frontrunners League Members

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The goal of The Introducer magazine is simply to help those game changers who are making the world a better place to expand their impact.  We measure our own impact by the quality of meaningful connections we help them make to get to that result.  To understand how we do that, you need to understand how the magazine is connected …