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Dr. Ismail Badjie May Have Launched the Best Solution for Wellness and Healthcare in The Gambia

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Dr. Ismail Badjie is not your usual pharmacist. He has several years under his belt running a well-managed community pharmacy in the US, an experience that gave him the inspiration to take wellness and patient care back to his homeland in The Gambia in a very innovative way. He literally takes it to their door. A well-traveled young man, Badjie …

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Aditi Banerjee Shares Poem in Support of Ukrainian Refugees

In Art and Culture, Empowerment, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek, gathered together a group of Frontrunners to discuss ways to help promote wellness for Ukrainian refugees and those displaced in the country. Nataliia Karpenko (Ukrainian-born, living in the US) Ambassador Ghazala Khan (currently living in Saudi Arabia), and Miss Aditi Banerjee (UK), as well as Kurek, took a break during the conversation for …

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Jennifer Ettinger is a Red Carpet PR Pro Who Empowers Women to Have Their Own Break Throughs

In Empowerment, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Jennifer Ettinger is a Social PR Strategist, Founder of Pink Dreams Inc and Fit Your Style, but all of this success came after some pretty tough times that included a debilitating illness. Then, it happened; the door to opportunity opened and she walked through and right onto the red carpet. But, Jennifer’s story continues into work that opens similar doors …

Fill Your Mind with Namara – OCD and the COVID Pandemic – a conversation with Chaitali Sinha

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Ever wondered how a pandemic can cause an increase in OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) victims ? Today’s interview is with Chaitali Sinha who is going to talk about her journey with poetry and how it helped her with her mental health as well as the concept of OCD and how it has grown rapidly throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. With …

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Full Mental Jacket

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By Clint Adams This article is written to give the reader a snapshot of what is happening in our bodies and brains as we develop from being young children to adulthood. The purpose of this is then to introduce you to some initiatives you can take upon yourselves to enhance your mental health and overall resilience. These initiatives are to …

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Investor Interview-Carrie Nikitin in Health and Wellness

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Carrie Nikitin is a business founder, serial investor, and advisor in health/wellness, tech, and energy spaces. She sits on several boards of start-ups and also investment organizations. In this interview, Carrie shares with magazine publisher, Mary Kurek, how she got into business, a bit about the businesses in which she invests, and what she looks for when investing.  Meet Carrie …

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Shanmugavel Sankaran: Making Whistleblowing and Health Conversations Safe

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Shanmugavel “Shan” Sankaran is the CEO of NixWhistle, which is a blockchain-based platform that solves trust issues for employee feedback.  Shan’s background includes working with Microsoft and IBM in multiple information security and compliance leadership roles, venturing into the startup world as CISO for an e-commerce platform company. He recognized the need for an affordable, easy-to-use GRC (Governance, Risk, and …

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Jeremy Bagwill: Greener Sustainable Construction Contributes to a Healthier Mass

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Jeremy Bagwill is paving the way for a new type of sustainable, clean living. A 3rd-generation contractor with 25 years in the construction industry, early on he saw the need for cleaner, sustainable, building materials that were high quality, innovative, and cost-effective. Jeremy’s vision to revolutionize the sustainable construction industry has given him the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals …

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Dr. Henry Duke Tamale – International Medical Liaison

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Dr. Tamale is Founder-Clinical Director of Elamat UltraWellness Center “Commitment: The missing ingredient for sustainable development of efficient Healthcare. Many healthcare professionals in Africa complain, honestly of course, about the bad working conditions, the small yet delayed pay, lack of promotions and most importantly, the absence of essential equipment in hospitals. So, many choose to leave the continent to areas …