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Pareena Has a FoodLoop Ecosystem Model That Turns Concrete Cities into Waste-Reducing Farms

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 Pareena Prayukvong lives and works in Thailand where soil is rare and big buildings dominate the landscape. When you are dedicated to reducing waste and toxins in the air, you have to get creative, and she has. Pareena is a trainer and co-creator at The Network, an NGO focused on sustainable development in Thailand. She and the team work …

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Innovator Corey Mack and the 3d-Printed Ventilator That’s Entirely Recyclable

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Corey Mack is an entrepreneur, based in Los Angeles, that has raised over $2M for his projects. Born and raised in Greensboro, NC, he is now known as an inventor and pioneer with a comedic flair. He is part of a movement to bring creative science and art-based ventures to the forefront of business culture. While studying Mechanical Engineering Technology …