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Data Protection Regulation in the Tax Matters in Croatia By Ksenija Cipek

In Features25 by Mary Kurek

By Ksenija Cipek   Author, Ksenija Cipek, Dame of Honour, is a renowned International tax expert, lawmaker, projects leader, author, and lecturer at Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb – Department: Income Tax.  She currently is the Director/Head of Tax Risk Analysis for the Ministry of Finance in Croatia and sits on many international tax and fintech boards …

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Connections in The Introducer Magazine on FinTech Literacy

In Features18, News by Mary Kurek

Here are the connections we see in the 18th Edition of The Introducer Magazine on FinTech Literacy and Creativity in Finance:  If you see an opportunity for connection for yourself here, you can reach us at Linda Goetze of the current edition and Alana Stott of a previous edition in the summer of 2019 would have a good conversation …