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Intellectual Property as a Data Point – How to Protect it!

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Dr. Graham Dodgson is a disruptive product and business creator.  In this episode, he talks with us about how to protect innovative ideas, at the same time as commercially exploiting them – the pitfalls and best practices.  We look at ideas (intellectual property) as a data point -and how these should be protected, and what they are worth to any …

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John McNulty – Didgebridge

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John McNulty is passionate about the privacy and security of personal data.  His company, Didgebridge, is a privacy-focused company that serves the patient loyalty, regimen adherence, education, engagement, and retention needs of the healthcare and consumer retail industries.  They bridge the gap between high-quality video production and video content distribution. With so much of mental health tied to strict compliance …

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Chidi Okoye – African-Based Global Security Expert

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Chidi Okoye is a global security expert and Principal Security Consultant for State Government Security Trust Funds Africa has experienced an upsurge of activities that threaten and endanger the security of the continent. In recent times, the nations of Africa have become the home of insecurity. Nations with natural wealth have become the scenes of demonstrations, skirmishes, and viciousness. Despite …

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Adopting to New Models – Container Based Sanitation From Sanivation Kenya

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By Jane Wambui Mugo Rapid urbanization in the developing countries leaves very little time and space for proper infrastructure and settlement planning. This is because rural-to-urban migration in the past few years that has been fueled by search of employment and opportunities in urban centers. In the case of Naivasha, almost 400,000 people inhabit the municipality about 90 km North …

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Innovator and Leader Think Tank on Africa’s Development and Challenge Management

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What follows are comments, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on Africa’s development in all sectors, as well as the continent’s ability to manage through crises, such as the coronavirus pandemic.  Most of these leaders are either living, working, or in some way, impacting Africa. Consider this our “Innovator and Leader Think Tank on Africa’s Development and Challenge Management.”  The first comment, …