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Paul Webb Brings Together Experts on Clean Energy to Help Save the Planet

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Paul Webb’s father pushed him toward energy as a career.  He listened and got a job at a nuclear power station.  Paul remembers having to navigate through protesters to get to his job and talks about how he could hear the sounds of power “screaming” through the night…a loud, invasive, industrial sound.  He knew there was a better way. Paul’s …

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Empowerment By Namara Lwansa of Tanzania

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By:  Namara Lwansa  (Featured Photo is Namara interviewing Miss Nankondo Mnyone) When you were a kid left at home in charge of your siblings, what was your initial reaction? What did you feel? Or when your boss at work gave you an important office assignment to take control over, what ran through your mind? I bet you felt empowered.  According …

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Investor Interview – Atif Zafar in Health Tech

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Atif Zafar is a serial entrepreneur/investor with an emphasis on technology applied to all things health. He also has interests in power and micro-computers. Atif, himself, has a background in healthcare, which makes him especially valuable to the advisory boards on which he serves. In this interview, Atif shares with publisher, Mary Kurek, what types of innovations interest him for …

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Sustainable Power to Thrive: A Nigerian Power Sector Story

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By Westley Igbo (Featured image is of a trader benefitting from one of REA’s projects) We all want a developed world – a climate-friendly place, free from poverty, gender discrimination, and social unrest. A world basking in the euphoria of economic prosperity with access to quality healthcare and career opportunities. It all sounds wonderful, but to build this society, we …