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Poems from girls around the world – A gift to the United Nations

In Daughters Global, Mentorship, Publisher Channel by Lisa Cole

It is an honor and privilege of the Daughters Global Leadership Mentoring Program to gift to the United Nations on the 2021 Day of the Girl Child this special poetry booklet commemorating all that the girl child means to the world. On Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, the production team on this project presented the booklet to Youthgether Global Organization. Having …

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Writing and Publishing with Doreen Ngemera by Namara Lwansa

In Africa, Fill Your Mind With Namara, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

By Namara Lwansa Writing is an interesting process for a lot of people, letting your imagination run free and using your mind to create stories that other people can read.  Most people find their love for writing after reading books and seeing how people can take the 26 letters of the alphabet and make words out of them and use …

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Development work with Rawan Taha

In Fill Your Mind With Namara by ihelmadmin

Development work is what keeps the world going.  Organisations that deal with development work assist people who need help. These organisations are very important. And, I managed to talk to a person who has worked in the field.  Rawan Taha has shown us so many important things about running an organisation and how much fulfillment results from working with people …