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Ashish Shrestha is Making Mental Health a Priority for School Children in Nepal

In Education, Health, Podcast, Youth by Mary Kurek

Ashish Shrestha is the Executive Director of the Sambhavya Foundation located in Nepal. His mission is to get mental health programming set up in the schools throughout Nepal, and he’s making quite an impact already. His children’s programs and train-the-trainer courses are operating in 27 schools around Kathmandu utilizing volunteers along with ensuring that there are spaces appropriate for counseling. …

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Nikita Shukla is a World Economic Forum Shaper Using “Courageous Conversations” To Create Change

In Health, Publisher Channel, womensempowerment, Youth by Mary Kurek

Nikita Shukla is a youth advocate, equality-in-healthcare promotor, and economic empowerment activist. As a World Economic Forum “Shaper,” Nikita’s work centers on having what she calls “courageous conversations.” These conversations would be the ones where the aim is to find that place of mindset shift where change can actually happen.  Nikita understands that her youth, sex, and even her skin …

Fill Your Mind with Namara – OCD and the COVID Pandemic – a conversation with Chaitali Sinha

In Fill Your Mind With Namara, Publisher Channel by ihelmadmin

Ever wondered how a pandemic can cause an increase in OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) victims ? Today’s interview is with Chaitali Sinha who is going to talk about her journey with poetry and how it helped her with her mental health as well as the concept of OCD and how it has grown rapidly throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. With …

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Dr. David Ajibade Uses Nutraceuticals to Effectively Treat Sickle Cell Anemia in Nigerian Youth

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Health by Mary Kurek

While in the United States sourcing funds for his government-approved study, Dr. David Ajibade, Executive Director of the Brain and Body Foundation of Nigeria, sat down for a conversation with Frontrunners Innovate Publisher, Mary Kurek, to talk about the study and how his work with nutraceuticals is impacting youth with sickle cell anemia. The study is an important first step …

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Teenager from Tanzania Becomes Public Speaker and Youth Influencer

In Features22 by Mary Kurek

Publisher’s Note:  I feel what you’re about to see is actually a  Frontrunners Innovate success story. I met Namara Lwansa when her father contacted me after our mental health edition of the magazine was released.  He shared that he had a young daughter who had done an educational video on mental health and asked if I wanted to see the …

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Full Mental Jacket

In Features22, Health by Mary Kurek

By Clint Adams This article is written to give the reader a snapshot of what is happening in our bodies and brains as we develop from being young children to adulthood. The purpose of this is then to introduce you to some initiatives you can take upon yourselves to enhance your mental health and overall resilience. These initiatives are to …

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John McNulty – Didgebridge

In Data, GameChangers22, Health by Mary Kurek

John McNulty is passionate about the privacy and security of personal data.  His company, Didgebridge, is a privacy-focused company that serves the patient loyalty, regimen adherence, education, engagement, and retention needs of the healthcare and consumer retail industries.  They bridge the gap between high-quality video production and video content distribution. With so much of mental health tied to strict compliance …

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Chong Kim – Human Trafficking Survivor on Mental Challenges and Healing

In Features22 by Mary Kurek

In order to know about the mental challenges involved in such extreme conditions as produced by human trafficking, one should hear from someone who lived it.  Perhaps some of you really don’t even understand the industry that has become so pervasive in our society around the world.  In our cities, in our small towns, and yes, quite possibly in our …

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Craig Fearn – Business Mental Wellbeing

In GameChangers22, Health by Mary Kurek

Craig Fearn works with corporations and organizations that care about their employees’ mental states.  He helps to create a plan to support a mentally healthy environment that becomes part of an employee benefit.  That plan may start with what Craig calls a “charter” and then moves on toward execution of the plan that a) includes proper communications for truthful and …

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Alana Stott, Mrs. Scotland, 2018 (UK)

In Game Changers 15, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Humanitarianism by Mary Kurek

Mrs. Scotland 2018, Alana Stott, is Using Her Crown and Her Family to Help Combat Human Trafficking Alana Stott is a wife, mother of 2, business owner, philanthropist, activist, speaker, and avid wine enthusiast. She firmly believes nothing is impossible and having it all is a choice completely within your own power. Alana was the force behind the Pan American …