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Igweshi Augustine and Alex Mimi Talks to Us About the Global Model UN Event

In African Influence, Peace, Publisher Channel, Youth by Blessing Enofe

Igweshi Augustine and Alex Mimi Talk to Us About the Global Model UN Event, organised for youths all over the world.

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Rehman Hassan Founded iCure Health While in Middle School and Now Is a Leader at WHO Adolescents

In Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Health, Publisher Channel, Youth by Blessing Enofe

Rehman Hassan Founded iCure Health While in Middle School and Now Is a Leader at WHO Adolescents as a High School Senior.

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Dr. Hassan Rengou Talks About The World Youth Summit and the Lead Like Mandela Forum

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Economic Development, Publisher Channel, Youth by Blessing Enofe

Dr. Hassan Rengou is the founder and CEO of the World Youth Summit, a nonprofit organization represented in more than 57 countries across the globe whose aim is to become a committed global champion for the education and employment of youth. They work through humanitarian efforts to achieve intellectual independence and financial freedom. Their educational events and summit gatherings bring …

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DeRoyal Industries Fast-Tracks Innovation to Serve Urgent Healthcare Supply Needs

In Health, Health Tech, Industrial-Manufacturing, Publisher Channel, Supply Chain by Mary Kurek

DeRoyal Industries, Inc. is a proudly American-owned and operated manufacturer of medical devices and PPE. Boasting a dedicated and experienced workforce of 1,900 employees across 20 manufacturing locations on 3 continents, DeRoyal has achieved a groundbreaking feat in the USA with their first-of-its-kind, fully-automated isolation gown production line. Their USA-built, cutting-edge production line can produce 1-2 isolation gowns per second totaling …

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Transitioning into 2023 – Impact Plus Profit for Frontrunners

In Business Development, Networking, Networking Opps, Publisher Channel, Updates by Mary Kurek

Well, hello 2023! I’m so excited for Frontrunners this year.  I feel confident about the opportunities that are in front of us and the activity that is already showing up in global business development.  I see large-scale impact ahead.  But, I always like to look back each year at our projects and impact over the previous year in order to …

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Travis Robbins and WPT Nonwovens Models Sustainability and Zero Waste Manufacturing

In Climate, Economic Development, environment, Industrial-Manufacturing, Publisher Channel, veterans by Mary Kurek

From Army serviceman to leader in manufacturing, Travis Robbins brings ethical and resourceful protocols to his nonwoven plants. Based in Kentucky, WPT Nonwovens provides materials and products that incorporate US-sourced naturally sustainable materials that don’t clutter landfills and harm humans or the planet. From wet or dry wipes to feminine hygiene products to PPEs and cable wrappings, Robbins continues to …

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World-Changing Partnerships and How You Develop Them

In Networking, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

I’m quite aware that what we do at Frontrunners Development has the capacity to impact on a large scale only because we connect people who have it in their hearts to solve world problems.  The people we work with are innovating solutions that go beyond hoping their product will do well on market or their solution will receive an award, …