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Sam Adewale Innovates Solutions Before and During Disasters and Pandemics

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Diasaster, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Sam Adewale is native to Nigeria but currently lives in the United States working through his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University with a devoted interest in public health. Sam is also a social entrepreneur who is a founding team member of a couple of programs aimed at helping those in need during disaster situations. But, this 2x winner of the …

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League Members Innovating for Diabetics

In Features 17, Health by Mary Kurek1 Comment

There are several Frontrunners League Members (game-changers who have been featured in The Introducer Magazine) who have been developing and finetuning their diabetes innovations.  Since they have been featured in the magazine, many have made significant gains in the space, and we wanted to share with you their updates and who they need to connect with to continue that impact.  …

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Scott Kahan, MD, MPH: National Center for Weight and Wellness

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Scott Kahan, MD, MPH is a physician specializing in both clinical obesity medicine and public health. He is the Director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington, DC, Medical Director of the Strategies To Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance at George Washington University, and Chair of the Clinical Committee for The Obesity Society. He serves on …

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This 15 year-old is Headed to Johns Hopkins

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Marley Dozier is headed for Johns Hopkins.  Marley is a 15-y/o leader whose life challenges would have you wonder how she’s managed what she has already achieved. Her own determination has pushed her well beyond that history and even beyond what most teenagers think about these days.  Marley is on a path to scratch her itch to explore a medical …