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Divyanshi Mehta Works to Change Viewpoints on Women’s Rights

In Empowerment, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Divyanshi Mehta is an analyst, speaker, and content developer who also serves as the State General Secretary for the National Youth Council in India. It is the latter that is giving her the platform for the very strong voice she uses to create impact for women. As she also sits on the Advisory Council of the Anti-Sexual Harassment National Council, …

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Stephen Hobbs’ Favorite Mentor Was a 14-Year-Old Girl With a Gun Pointed at His Face

In Economic Development, Mentorship, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Dr. Stephen Hobbs spends a lot of his hours in the day working on his business, Wellth Movement Calgary, which is situated in the wellness space.  It’s very much about helping people to live a whole life. But, he’s also working on a grandparents/grandkids nature project and a mentor certification program.  Add to that some large-scale global infrastructure projects with …

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Mary Kurek Speaks on Frontrunners Impact on Equality and Empowerment

In Empowerment, News by Mary Kurek

From Mary Kurek:  On International Peace Day 2020 (Sept. 21), I had the privilege of speaking on a panel for an event called “Gender Roles in Shaping Peace Together” – First Ladies Shared Forum, a UNGA75 session side event hosted by Africana Women Working Group – UN2020.  What follows below are the remarks I made as a member of the …

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Investor-Advisor Interview: Sara Wimmercranz

In Investor Interviews, News by Mary Kurek

Sara Wimmercranz fills many business roles, but, of note, it was her role as a founder and entrepreneur that pushed her into working to bring investments to the undiscovered “gems” – the entrepreneurs who are solving the world’s problems in creative ways.  As the founder and CEO of BackingMinds, Sara works to ensure that equity in funding emerges successful, and …

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Advisor Interview: Dr. Randal Pinkett and Lawrence Hibbert of BCT Partners

In Data, Investor Interviews by Mary Kurek

We all know that data is king, but, do we know specifically what data is significant and then what to do with that data so that it makes a difference to customers, business, impact dollars, students, patients, public health, government programs, and so on?  Dr. Randal Pinkett and Lawrence Hibbert of BCT Partners know the answer.  In this interview with …