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What’s Behind the Public Internet Communication Privacy Crisis in Healthcare

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By John McNulty,  CEO of Didgebridge Who and what is fueling these Public Internet invasions of our healthcare privacy?  (“Digital Hipaa”) It’s all about compiling highly monetizable Healthcare Risk-Profiles…on all of us. The Public Internet’s Privacy violating “bad-guys” are currently mining our Healthcare Public Internet Communication. This includes our visits to drug/device company websites and hospital  websites, as well as WebMD, Patients-Like-Me, …

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Game Changer Monica Trujillo (Health Tech)

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Dr. Monica Trujillo MBBS MPH FRACMA FACHI Sen. Director, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Australia and Asia-Pac Why This Focus of Impact: Monica Trujillo on Health Tech starts here:  As Senior Director, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Clinical Information Officer of Cerner, Australia and Asia Pac, Dr. Trujillo leads Cerner’s highly skilled team of doctors, nurses, and clinicians …