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Stanley Li of Netswitch Combines Cybersecurity with GRC for a Complete Risk Management Solution

In Data, Podcast, Technology by Mary Kurek

Stanley Li has a solid background in technology and entrepreneurship that supports his development of a cybersecurity and risk mitigation solution that includes today’s pressing workload around Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). The CyberRisk Governance™ system integrates AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics to help organizations increase cyber resilience and meet regulatory compliance objectives.  It’s a mission Stanley has accomplished …

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Andy Mashaile is a Strategic Advisor Fighting Crime with Policy and Victim Advocacy in South Africa

In Human Trafficking, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Ambassador Andy Mashaile is a retired Interpol Ambassador for the Turn Back Crime Campaign with a coverage of 195 countries. He is also an Executive Committee Member of the International Cybersecurity and Investigations Committee. He holds many titles where he has been in a leadership position on an overseeing board for police operations. His personal story would read like a …

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Healthcare Privacy From The Trust Bridge

In ADP From The Trust Bridge Channel, Publisher Channel by ihelmadmin

Deliverable for listeners: consumer awareness of potential privacy and cyber around healthcare (Irish healthcare ransomware issues) and simple activity to protect your own info B2B: how to ensure your processes are in line with regulations (ISO assessment) and any health info kept on employees is protected CTA: B2B: run a risk assessment for medical data held on employees (incl covid …

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Data Transfer and Cybersecurity issues

In ADP From The Trust Bridge Channel by Mary Kurek

A WEF (World Economic Forum) report in Feb of 2021 lists cybercrime as one of the biggest threats facing society in the next decade; cyberattacks pose a bigger immediate risk than terrorism and are potentially catastrophic in both the short and long term.  IT Governance recorded more than a thousand publicly disclosed security incidents in 2020, which resulted in more …

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Under GDPR – Do You Need a Representative Office for UK and EU?

In ADP From The Trust Bridge Channel, Data by Mary Kurek

Questions: Does your organisation offer goods and service internationally? Do you offer goods and services to the UK and/or EU from outside that region? Do you have employees based in the UK or EU? This workshop will look at the issues of data transfer post-Schrems and post-Brexit, as well as the key issue relating to the need for a representative …

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Jesus Medel Advises on Problems and Solutions in Cybersecurity

In Blockchain, Data, Features25 by Mary Kurek

Jesús Medel operates his cybersecurity and IT consulting business from a headquarters in Mexico.  He has more than 30 years of experience in IT business consulting, specializing in disruptive technologies solutions for organizations.  He has been working in innovation, sales, and architecture related to emerging technologies, like Smart Cities, IoT, space computing (AR and VR), 3D and4D printing, AI, and …

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Penny Heyes of The Trust Bridge Supports Data Security and the Industry it Created

In Data, Features25, Game Changers 25 by Mary Kurek

Penny Heyes and her partner at The Trust Bridge started out filling a gap in data protection.  Based in the UK, they found a niche when GDPR came on the scene to regulate data privacy.  Working in diverse industries in areas around the world gave The Trust Bridge the opportunity to see an emerging occupation…one that needed its own support.  …

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Antwain Thomas Explains Data Privacy From Different Perspectives

In Features25 by Mary Kurek

Antwain Thomas is the Founder and Managing Partner of Washinton, DC-headquarted Global Wealth Strategies, Ltd. His personal history coincides with the history of data privacy from the “birthplace” of the Internet – the US Dept. of Defense.  Antwain explains his role within the military and how he has grown along with the changes and challenges into a place of expertise …

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Srivatsan MC Shares Expertise Around Data Protection in a Multi-Service Business Context

In Data, Features25 by Mary Kurek

Srivatsan “Sri” M C is the Founder and CEO of Gemicorn Technologies.  Though, the company is headquartered in India, Sri manages different branches and companion businesses throughout the globe.  Gemicorn’s offerings encompass many aspects of business operations, from strategic growth advisory to technology and financial outsourcing services to platforms that involve logistics in specialty sectors, to sales and marketing services.  …

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John McNulty – Didgebridge

In Data, GameChangers22, Health by Mary Kurek

John McNulty is passionate about the privacy and security of personal data.  His company, Didgebridge, is a privacy-focused company that serves the patient loyalty, regimen adherence, education, engagement, and retention needs of the healthcare and consumer retail industries.  They bridge the gap between high-quality video production and video content distribution. With so much of mental health tied to strict compliance …