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Linda Goetze: Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

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An educator and connector, Linda Goetze, M.Ed., has been engaged with blockchain technology since 2012. She is President and CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (BCC) and has served on the Blockchain Association Board of Directors. A member of Mensa and former CEO of Balancing Health, Linda helped establish the Atlanta Neurotherapy Institute after three and a half years …

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Dr. Raymond Mobrez: Global Fintech Thought Leader

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Raymond grew up in London and started a career in international trade at age 20 while attending the university. He established an international export company specializing in agriculture commodities, processed foods, etc. worldwide. Early in his career, he initiated the International Tax-Free Zone (Oregon USA- Colombia River- Pacific Ocean Access). International trade taught Raymond about International Commerce, Development, and Currency …

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Fintech Innovations in Mobile Finance by Alia Noor

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The Payment Space goes back!   As long as Mankind goes back! But what is Exciting in Payments? Mode of payment has become fast, faster, fastest. “Technology” had moved us from wagons to trains to planes with ability to move slowly to more quickly to much more quickly to much, much more quickly. Money and payments are at the center of …