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Yosef Yomtov Works for Peace by Creating Greater Understanding in Conflict-Plagued Locations

In Peace, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Yosef Yomtov was inspired years ago to create anti-propaganda tracts to share truth and understanding through comics that anyone could grasp. Today, as the founder of World Peace Tracts, he uses words, diplomacy, and leadership to create pathways to peace and conflict resolution. Yosef shares with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek, his journey toward creating a platform for …

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Mehmet Sukru Guzel Supports International Peace by Solving and Preventing Conflicts

In Human Rights, Peace, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Professor Dr. Mehmet Sukru Guzel says he’s not the most popular man when he gets to a location in conflict, but, he is the person with the most potential for resolving disputes. Three times nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Guzel understands and utilizes constitutional intentions and global security laws, among other tools, to provide a path to peace. He …