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Genya Dana is Helping to Prove the Genomics Diagnostic Role in Disease Prevention

In Health, Health Tech, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

 Dr. Genya Dana believes that diagnostic capability is the best factor in the prevention of devastating diseases and is proving the weight of genomics as a great vehicle for diagnosis. Genya has extensive experience in the science of genomics and is also an experienced policy expert and negotiator at strategically managing complex systems to bring innovation to the forefront. …

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Connections in The Introducer Magazine on Innovator Solutions in Diabetes

In Features 17 by Mary Kurek

Since we are all about stirring up meaningful conversations and business development between game-changers in social impact, we like to kick start that activity after each edition is released by sharing with you some of the connections we see that maybe should happen between game-changes featured in current and past editions of The Introducer Magazine.  If you are currently featured …

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Dr. Alborz Madhavi: Glucose-Responsive Insulin

In Game Changers 17, Health, Health Tech by Mary Kurek

Dr. Alborz Mahdavi is the founder and CEO of Protomer Technologies, a preclinical stage biotechnology company focused on innovations in diabetes and metabolic disease. He is the recipient of the JDRF international prize for developing glucose-responsive insulin. Protomer has received major grants including several from JDRF and is currently advancing a glucose-responsive insulin program and a smart glucagon program towards commercialization. …