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The Frontrunners League is what we've named our community of partners.


These are the world's problem solvers whom we feature here on our Frontrunners Innovate media platform and whom we move around within the community to create opportunities and, thereby, impact.

Check out some of what's been happening and contact us to explore how we can serve you.

Pictured:  Deven Patel, Co-Founder & CEO of GIOSTAR (Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy & Research). 
We're proud of what our Frontrunner Partners accomplish before we get together, but, even moreso when we can help expand their impact. 

In 2021, after an introduction we made within our community to explore a partnership, the partner prospect made a trip from Houston, TX to visit GIOSTAR's headquarters and co-founder in San Diego, CA.  Partnership conversation began and continued with that same partner prospect making a special trip to India for the groundbreaking of a new GIOSTAR location. 

We are informed the partnership is building momentum.  Our success stories get even better when the results go well beyond business.  In the fall of 2019, Deven sent us the cover of a magazine featuring GIOSTAR's ability to use stem cell's to treat liver disease. That act prompted us to post an update on our media platform which triggered a few exploratory conversations and a trip to Mexico for treatment by one of our board members for his advanced condition. 

Six weeks later, remission in disease had occurred dramatically, surprising doctors...and the condition has maintained that status a year later.  

How we serve:

Once the Delta variant started spreading through India, we had a call from a friend who told us of the desperation there and how they needed medical equipment.  Another Indian friend called us saying they needed oxygen concentrators.  We connected them with our partner in Geneva, Euro Alliance, S.A., who arranged to acquire and ship the equipment.

We connected a partner with a disaster relief product (Shower to Go) to a homebound senior program for several regular purchases plus an introduction to a disaster relief organization in another country working to put together relief kits for citizens in flood-prone areas.

A 6 x TedX speaker, global ambassador for health technology, and one of our Frontrunner partners, Dr. Rafael Grossman, was introduced to another who is an investor with several startups in the health space.  The TedX speaker now serves on one of the other's advisory boards.

A partner, Chancellor, who builds medical colleges in Africa (American International University West Africa) was introduced to 3 partner prospects who are moving forward with plans to collaborate.

Partner, HE Rollan Roberts, Founder of Transform Africa, was introduced to another (Peacemaker & Founder of GSI & Trac5) who was heading to Africa on a peace-building mission in the summer of 2021.  The two joined forces in The Sudan (a month after we introduced them) for a meeting with the President and his cabinet. Several meetings were held and opportunities are being explored.

Pictured:  L-R:  Gary Waldron, ED, Trac5, HE Rollan Roberts, Founder, Transform Africa, Former Cong./UN Amb Mark Siljander.  Back Right:  Former Cong./US Amb-Denmark, Richard Swett.

FIGHR Ambassador Ghazala Khan, partner on diplomatic consulting, policy, and business development

We've connected our business partner, Federation of Int'l Gender and Human Rights Ambassador Khan, to 3 new clients for her consulting business, plus secured her a board position.  We've also partnered with her on an educational project for new diplomats with 2 other partners and almost 50 pilot participants.

Introduced a partner from the UK, Alana Stott, to Pamela Bolado, founder of the US-based Women Who Do Wonders. The two became friends and business partners resulting in the establishment of a nonprofit organization to companion Pamela's company.

When our wearable robotics partner with a product on market was ready to expand distribution into Europe, we connected him (GoX Labs) with our GDPR expert to work together to ensure data privacy. Pictured below is the GoX Labs wearable that has been "reinvented" to predict covid within 72 hours of symptoms.

GoX Labs

Our Electronic Alchemy partner with a 3d printer + functional electronics feature was awarded one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Company Awards thanks to our assistance.

We've introduced our partners who build sustainable "green" villages, Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions, to several African decision-makers and potential partners.  As of early 2022, 3 projects are progressing.  We've also introduced them to the Innovative Genomics Institute (also a partner) to collaborate further and, we connected the both of them to a global CRISPR publication for a joint feature in an edition in 2022.

Israeli diplomat with a farm in another country in Africa was introduced to a partner to expand that farm with 24/7 vertical indoor agtech that will advance his harvesting and export capability several times over current production.

Introduced 3 partners to the host of a compliance-focused podcast with 40k listeners.  The 3 were invited to be interviewed.

Connected 2 from the same edition of Frontrunners Innovate on diabetes.  Result:  a former president of the American Diabetes Association now serves on the other's advisory board.

Prince Omenihu, Founder of Caring Beyond Borders Foundation

Prince Omenihu, Founder of Caring Beyond Borders Foundation, Nigeria was introduced to a benefactor who granted him a full leadership development scholarship at the benefactor's college.

Prince completed that education in the fall of 2021.