Shelli Brunswick Expands What You Think You Know About the Space Industry

In Economic Development, Publisher Channel, Space, Technology by Mary Kurek

COO of Space Foundation, Shelli Brunswick, knows space like no one you’ve probably ever met. A former military gal, she moved into the industry we mostly associate with NASA, and began connecting people and resources that take advantage of everything space-related. From technology transfer that impacts healthcare and agriculture to a surprising human capital industry, and global assistance in determining the economic benefits of adding a space program, the information she shared with Frontrunners Innovate was surprising and comprehensive.

Shelli Brunswick is a leader in anything she does; carving out an influencer niche in a highly lucrative, yet, sometimes overlooked, tech-driven industry, is, in itself, a glass ceiling broken for women, but, add to that speaking, mentoring, global policy advising, and board leadership, and you know that the ground she stands on to touch that sky is as solid as it comes.  If you need confirmation, just check her site here.

Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, along with Aaron Smith of Workplace Readiness Solutions as Co-Host, recorded this conversation with Shelli and are happy to share in the celebration of International Women’s Day 2022.

Meet Shelli Brunswick.  (40-minute video)

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