Ryan Arndt of the Stacks Foundation Shares Grant Opportunity For Blockchain-Based Developers

In Blockchain, News by Mary Kurek

Ryan Arndt is the Stacks Ecosystem Steward at Stacks Open Internet Foundation.  Ryan works with developers using blockchain to develop community-servicing projects through a special grant program.  He provides Publisher, Mary Kurek, with information about the Stacks Foundation and the grant that focuses on the Foundation’s goal of a “user-owned Internet.”  Actually, it’s more than a goal – it’s their mission…

“Our mission is to deliver the promise of Web 3, where every internet user can participate in the value they create because they have full ownership of their identity and data.”

And honestly, who better to know how to meet this mission than the home for the governance of Blockstack’s open-source technology.

Intrigued?  I’ll bet.  Meet Ryan Arndt.  (16-minute video)


Ryan’s Contact:

Grants Website: http://stacks.org/grants for a rundown
Forum link to the grants area: https://forum.stacks.org/c/Stacks-Foundation/stacks-grants/56
Stacks Project github repo: https://github.com/blockstack
Stacks 2.0 Launch sign up: http://stacks2.com
Personal Twitter: http://twitter.com/ry4n155