Rick Burtner Brings Complete Tracking and Increased Efficiency to Supply Chains of Critical Assets

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Rick Burtner is the President and CEO of Propel GPS IoT. His mission is to create a higher degree of efficiency in transportation logistics and the supply chain space.

Understanding the significance of tracking critical assets, like medical equipment where time lost could mean lives at risk, Rick used his extensive financial skills in combination with proven team management leadership to negotiate and develop a solution he believes is unique and well-positioned to make a huge difference where it matters most.

He shares in this interview with Mary Kurek, President of Frontrunners Development and Co-Host, Dave DeMarco, Co-Founder of Material Health Strategies, his executive journey into bringing this and other impactful enterprises to market.

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Rick Burtner’s Website: https://propelgps.com/

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Dave DeMarco, Chief Innovation Officer, Material Health Strategies

Dave DeMarco, Chief Innovation Officer, Material Health Strategies

Dave DeMarco is a growth strategy expert for healthcare and life sciences companies. Who has previously served as Deputy U.S. Healthcare Practice leader for EY and led the Life Sciences Practice in the Northeast U.S., working with many of the world’s leading biopharma companies. Dave is also Chair Emeritus of the American Diabetes Association where he served with distinction for nearly a decade.

With more than 25 years of leadership experience among the world’s most innovative companies. Dave advises on strategy and transformation, commercial operations, healthcare policy, governance, entrepreneurial growth, innovation, and industry trends.

Dave has held other key executive positions, including Global Aesthetic Franchise Leader, Sanofi Aventis, and Johnson & Johnson Global Client Services Partner, EY.

Dave received his B.S. from Grove City College and Ph.D. from Purdue University.