Game Changer Rachel De Sain (Health Tech)

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Rachel De Sain, Founder/CEO, Codesain, Australia

Why This Focus of Impact:

Rachel De Sain on Health Tech starts here:  Rachel is an internationally regarded digital strategist with over twenty years of global experience having held executive roles in public and private sector organizations, including the Australian Federal Government’s Digital Health Agency, MTV Networks International, T-Mobile, Telstra, Accenture, and others.  Rachel has a broad range of experiences across various sectors supporting organizations to identify the problems in providing solutions and how to utilize existing infrastructure, people and process in combination with new technology to deliver meaningful innovation.  A subject-matter expert and engaging storyteller, Rachel is passionate about not only “what” she communicates but how it is presented and received. A great idea or concept is meaningless unless it captures the hearts and minds of its end-users and is implemented in a way that correlates to the behavioral drivers for change and adoption.

Rachel De Sain Workshop

After many years at the bleeding edge of the dot com boom delivering radical innovations to the media and telco sector, Rachel’s own health journey and challenges in navigating the system, inspired her to change tack and apply her skills and expertise to co-design meaningful innovation within the health sector.

In addition, as a proud Maori woman who, after leaving school at 16 and having a father in prison, has been able to create a successful career for herself.  She always remembers her roots and that we must not broaden the socioeconomic/digital divide through new technology innovations but, instead, use it as a way to facilitate equal access to quality healthcare for all.


  • Designed and built the first made-for-mobile TV channel at MTV Networks in early 2000
  • Led the development and writing of Australia’s Digital Health Strategy 2018 – 22, having it approved by all state, territory, and federal health ministers–the first time a strategy had been approved by all ministers in 9 years.
  • Founded, grew, and exited a digital strategy agency from conception to sale in 7 years.

Looking Ahead:

Since leaving government in 2018, Rachel has founded a new digital health strategy and innovation agency, codesain, addressing an identified gap in the market by bringing together business strategy, design thinking, behavioral science, and innovation to support health organizations navigate the new connected world and associated regulatory and commercial changes that come with it.

Networking Interests:

  • Healthcare organization senior leaders looking for a trusted partner to help them understand and create opportunities in digital health.
  • Heath tech organizations looking to enter the Australian and New Zealand market seeking support on market entry strategy.
  • Digital Health thought leaders outside of Australia/New Zealand looking to share insights and benchmarking of country activities and benefits realization.