Paul Barry Shows Us How to Flip Instinct to Get to Intuition That Transforms Impact

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Paul Barry is an actor, director, teacher, consultant, and TEDx speaker. He has perfectly navigated his skillset in acting, memory retainment, and teaching into a message that takes us beyond our own limiting instincts to connect us to the intuition that craves to move us forward.  He does this under the company title, Dreaming for a Living, headquartered in California. His work today is impactful to the point that in a single conversation, his words can help to transform a person’s life. That transformed life then transforms others through their own impact. A perfect example of this happened spontaneously in this recorded conversation with Paul, Mary Kurek, Producer and Host of Frontrunners Innovate, and co-hosts, Amb. Ghazala Khan, FIGHR and Founder of Next Generation Leaders, and Ms. Irma Sanchez, Silicon Valley Chapter Leader, Women’s Economic Forum and Irma Sanchez and Associates.

Meet Paul Barry

Paul’s TEDx Talk:

Paul’s Personal Mission:

With more than 20 years of training 5,000+ students from around the world in film, TV, and corporate communications, I help thought-leaders, game-changers, and paradigm-shifters define, refine and sometimes entirely reframe their messaging, offer, communication, behavior, or systems, in order to scale their influence, authority and impact in the world.
Ultimately, my goal is to change your life for the better by helping you change others’ lives for the better, through insight, vision, purpose, and more effective realization strategies.


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