Impact business can be a bit messy. We love supporting messy.

We are an impact community and media platform, but we also have the expertise and connections to help the world’s problem solvers feel very supported as they progress toward expanding their impact.  Here’s how:

Media Platform:

You are already on our media platform.  You’ll notice our features and channels.  Some of our community members have their own channels here to provide you with specific expertise that could help you further your work.  If you have an interest in sharing your own expertise specific to the impact world, get in touch with us here.

Frontrunners League Community:

The Frontrunners League is our curated collection of “Avengers” in the mission to make the world a better place.  They are social entrepreneurs, innovators bringing tech and lab solutions to light, NGO leaders, diplomats, and public servants.  Most of them have been spotlighted on this media platform at one point.  We know and work with them to network them with collaborators, partners, publicity opportunities, and resources.  If you are a frontrunner we have yet to meet, you can join us as an associate here.  We’ll ask for a brief get-to-know-you meet-up and drop you into our community.  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with other League members and participate in events that will help you grow your own business.  You can be from anywhere in the world but will need to speak English and have a website. (Fee-based opportunity)

Business Development Consulting & Introductions:

For impact entrepreneurs and global problem solvers, here’s an offering to get you moving:

Mary Kurek, Founder & President, Frontrunners Development, Inc.

  • Coaching on business development specific to your project, program, or business
  • Introductions made following sessions (potential collaborators, publicity opportunities, business leads, and other resources)
  • Visibility – potential opportunity to be interviewed for Frontrunners Innovate media platform (assuming fit)
  • Free membership into the Frontrunners League (community of innovators and problem solvers who have been featured in the magazine)
  • Two 1-hour Zoom sessions (introduction follow-up will occur after sessions and if an interview for the media platform is offered, that will be scheduled afterward.)
  • Work Statement:  We care deeply for those we serve, working from a place of total support and complete joy for being a conveyor of new information and facilitator of new relationships that serve the higher purpose of impact.

So, lots of goodies involved in this opportunity that go way beyond just a couple of 1-hour conversations.  

To register and set up your first session, click here.  (Group sessions available upon request.)

Sessions are booked with Frontrunners Development Founder and President, Mary Kurek and/or a member of her team.

Let’s share some thoughts from those we’ve served…

“The high-quality introductions I’ve experienced to help me advance my product have been exciting and momentum-producing. The introductions to nursing and assisted living facilities for trials is expediting progress in ways I could never have predicted.”  Joe Hitt, CEO, GoX Labs

“I realized Mary’s passion and uncanny ability to connect people with like minds and goals. She’s connected me with several people with the possibility of creating and moving forward with innovative projects.” Darryl Hughes, CEO, Hughes Who Technologies

“I am deeply grateful for Mary Kurek’s connection to the US Chamber of Commerce after being showcased in the Introducer. Their efforts in Re-skilling the Workforce deeply aligns with how I foresee Blockchain enabling micro-credentialing in education. In turn, I have already connected the USCOC with others in EdTech that can help them attain their vision. Thank you, Mary, for your efforts!” Phaedra Boinodiris, Blockchain Strategist, IBM

“Mary–you are a marvel! You bring highly synergistic people together in an effort to solve MAJOR global, societal problems. (2+2=10). Our world needs more leaders like you. It’s a pleasure to know you & hopefully be of service in addressing some of these global/USA challenges.” John McNulty, CEO, Didgebridge

“As an investor and advisor to multiple startups, I have been able to make use of the introductions brought my way by Mary’s team and am continuing to exchange business leads to move my projects toward impact.  I am particularly thankful for the leads that allow my companies to pivot in this time of our Covid-19 pandemic.” Atif Zafar, Serial Investor/Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, Visual Dynamics Simulation Technologies