Hello Prospective Channel Host:  (Note: if you aren’t currently a Frontrunners League member but have an interest in hosting your own channel on Frontrunners Innovate, please contact us here.)

What follow’s is instructional for prospective Channel Hosts:

We’re so happy you are interested in hosting your own channel on Frontrunners Innovate Media Platform and Community.  There’s no charge if we’ve invited you, but there are some details you’ll need to know. The first to know is that I’m welcoming your content via written pdf, or just word doc, or Youtube video (embed code), that entertains, informs, advocates, promotes events, announcements, and educates.  (Use whatever grammar tool you can, because, while we will do a quick review, we won’t be making edits for you).  The content you submit must be original to you (including photos unless they are public domain.  You can give credit for photos, but, always submit captions.

Here’s more information.  (Recommendation, at least 2 episodes a month but no less than 1)

  • Conduct due diligence on guests as you are responsible for your own content – make sure it is true and your guests are without legal complications.
  • Interviews:  no cursing.  We are a faith-founded company and expect professionalism and ethical behavior from all of our participants.
  • No conversations that advocate one religion, political view, ethnicity, or race over another.  Spiritually-based conversations are allowed, but, not as a preaching topic or to condemn others.
  • Mild marketing of books, programs, events are allowed by you and your guests, but, intense pitches will be disallowed.
  • Hosts can introduce themselves with their own businesses at the beginning of any recorded interview.
  • Interviewees can be introduced with their own businesses and their sites and social links, Amazon links to products, etc. can be included on pages.
  • Make sure all links are operational and photos are clear with captions before submitting by email.
  • Include a contact for you in your written byline (no email addresses — but send people to a website or Linkedin as a way to connect with you)
  • All interviews are about 20 mins in length and recorded on Zoom to your computer (not the cloud) then uploaded to your Youtube Channel (same name as your program).  You’ll provide that and all related content to us when your episode is ready
  • You will provide a written introduction for all recorded interviews and, for every submission, you’ll have a standard 1-paragraph byline for yourself with a color headshot.
  • You will submit a title for each episode along with the featured photo or graphic that will be standard for your show. You can use Canva or hire someone to create your channel’s graphic (png or jpeg).
  • You should keep a mailing list of your interviewees so you can notify them when their interview goes live.
  • Aim for interviewees that have some following on Linkedin and other social channels to increase your views.
  • All interviews will be reviewed for quality and appropriate content before finalizing
  • Once any of your content goes live, promote it to all of your social networks and any mailing lists you own and encourage guests to do the same.
  • Add the link to your channel to your e-signature and your website.
  • You can also set up a Facebook page for the channel.
  • For interviews, you should have questions prepared but let the conversation be as organic as possible.
  • Have some written guidelines for your interviewees like, be in a well-lit distraction-free spot, with the camera at eye level, and cell phone should be muted. If you’d like to see what we use for our interviewees, click here.
  • If you feel like an interview may go long – break it up into two recorded parts and submit them as part 1 and part 2 Youtubes.
  • If you are going to teach an episode, have it well scripted with plenty of visuals.
  • Create a publishing calendar to keep consistent with submissions.
  • Once your episode goes live, you can go to the bottom of your Frontrunners Innovate page and see social links that make it easier for you to share.
  • Only links to where people can purchase or donate directly are allowed – not e-commerce or direct-selling funnels

If you’d like to claim your channel spot, send us the name of your channel and a few lines about your subject matter, maybe the first few guests you’d like to interview and why, and what impact you’d like to make with the channel. Let us know when you’d like to begin, but, please do so as soon as possible.  You should already know how to contact us, but, if you need it, you can contact us here.

Looking forward to the potential of sharing more of your talent, network, and impact.