Pareena Has a FoodLoop Ecosystem Model That Turns Concrete Cities into Waste-Reducing Farms

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Pareena Prayukvong lives and works in Thailand where soil is rare and big buildings dominate the landscape. When you are dedicated to reducing waste and toxins in the air, you have to get creative, and she has. Pareena is a trainer and co-creator at The Network, an NGO focused on sustainable development in Thailand. She and the team work to impact local policy and develop relationships with building owners, waste collection agencies, and other stakeholders. They’ve managed to put together a model that can turn a rooftop into a functioning farm. The working model is called Bangkok Rooftop Farming.  Produce is grown with food waste as the fertilizer creating a nutrient-rich, toxin-free environment for the farm (and climate) and a reduction in waste product. The impact hits several of the UN SDGs, and the model is something, that with a little customization, could reach many concrete cities around the world. She shares how this works with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek.

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