19th EDITION March 2020: Self-Sustaining Continent-African Innovations for Development

…Tank on Africa’s Development and Challenge Management 26th March 2020 CINTA Foundation Focuses on Economic Empowerment for Uganda 26th March 2020 Youth Empowerment to Drive Social Change: Youth Initiative for…

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The Leadership We Need to Drive Climate Action in Africa

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…also significantly disproportionate and life-changing. Africa’s disproportionate vulnerability is reinforced by the prevailing low levels of socioeconomic development on the continent mainly due to lack of resources to quickly recover…

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Frontrunners Update – Behavioral Telehealth – Search with Privacy – Film Project

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…where online privacy (search without being tracked by big media) would be important. Leaders and decision-makers in countries and states anywhere who are interested in unique economic development models. Impact…

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The New Executive Director for The World Business Council for Sustainable Development Talks About Impact

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Bill Sisson, Executive Director, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, North America Meet Bill Sisson, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) new Executive Director for North America. Bill…

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UN Women Leader Tsegga Medhin is Paving Diversity Pathways for Corporations and Schools

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economic development marketing strategies for local NGOs and Universities in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Mrs. Medhin successfully achieves her goals in the emerging market, by partnering with US State Department Diaspora…

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Sustainable Community Project: A Zero Waste Motive

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…greater autonomy and freedom in how we intelligently and creatively use our available resources. On this account, our activities are linked to sustainable development within communities through circular economy activities,…

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Youth Impact Game Changer: Bandita Thapa (Nepal)

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…years of age. As the youngest change maker by founding Women Foundation, Bandita has traveled the world advancing her skills in leadership development, women’s entrepreneurship, and bringing economic revolution to…

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Game Changer: Katherine Foster (United States)

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…Force for Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals. Katherine has been spearheading initiatives at the nexus of innovation, policy, and sustainable development for over 25 years. A former Canadian…

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Youth Impact Game Changer: Adewumi Mojisola (Nigeria)

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…to implement policy that supports equal land use and control. Land in my community is a valuable economic resource and the individual’s ability to derive economic or non-economic value from…