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Youth Empowerment to Drive Social Change: Youth Initiative for Africa Development

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…Living with Special Needs/Disabilities in Ghana.” I am advocating for the creation of inclusive educational systems which is fundamental to achieving quality in education and realizing the human rights of…

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Lindelwa Kunene is the Green Voice for the Kingdom of Eswatini

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Climate, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

…Solutions, Global Youth Biodiversity Network, International Human Rights Council, UNFCCC Youth Model, Students in Advancement for Global Entrepreneurship, Southern African Youth Movement, and Zimbabwe Sunshine Group. Lindelwa has served as…

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Omar Bah is a Former African Refugee Running for the US Congress on a Platform of Humanitarianism

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…and fulfilling his own dream as a humanitarian and servant leader with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host Mary Kurek. Joining Mary are co-hosts: Former US Congressman and Ambassador, Richard Swett,…

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Dr. Jack Lord: Innovations Leader

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…officer of the American Hospital Association. Lord was the former chief innovation officer and senior vice president of Humana – during his time at Humana, he created Humana’s Innovation Center,…

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Divyanshi Mehta Works to Change Viewpoints on Women’s Rights

In Empowerment, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Frontrunners Innovate Divyanshi Mehta Works to Change Viewpoints on Women’s Rights Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds 00:00 / 35:13 Subscribe Share…

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Game Changer: H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (Spain)

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…animal feed for meat production. If one would give this grain and this water directly to humans, then one could supply billions more humans in the world with food. Currently,…

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Climate Action and Agriculture Impact Focused on Nigeria

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…Nigeria, on the Promotion of Women Empowerment and Rights Project that pays women entrepreneurs a stipend to plant trees in desolate areas. Here’s Sola’s commentary on why that activity is…

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Maka Ibrahim Helps Orphans and Widows in His Community in Uganda

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…HIV/AIDS, TB, sickle cell, cancer, and covid-19 patients. To educate human rights of all stakeholders (ie: the children, disabled, and widows in areas of education and employment. OBJECTIVES To coordinate,…

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Ambassador Ghazala Khan Talks with Frontrunners Development Founder Mary Kurek

In Diplomat, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Publisher Channel, The Next Generation Leaders, womensempowerment by Mary Kurek

Federation of Gender and Human Rights Ambassador, Ghazala Khan, interviewed Mary Kurek about how the Frontrunners properties (the League Partner Community and the Innovate Media Platform) came to be. As…