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David Ajibade Moves Nutrients Toward Brain Health and Memory Care

In Africa Innovators and Influencers, Health, Publisher Channel by Blessing Enofe

…effective nutrient-based protocols. He hosts the number one TV health show in Africa, Your Health in Your Hands, which airs on Africa’s largest television network. The award-winning show highlights health

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Priyansh Shah Organizes Young Medical Volunteers to Improve Heart Health in India

In Health, Publisher Channel, Youth by Mary Kurek

…Global Cardiovascular Health Specialist has been able to cause impact with screenings, heart health education, prevention programs, and more. Impact during covid: 3.8 Lakh patients and over 18,000 frontline workers…

Gen. John Bartrum Combines Innovation with Strategy to Solve Huge Public Health Challenges

In Health, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

…Service Corps (Healthcare Executive) officer with military experience in both active duty and reserve forces. Air Force Surgeon General Mobilization Assistant assists in the leadership for a $6.1 billion health

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DeRoyal Industries Fast-Tracks Innovation to Serve Urgent Healthcare Supply Needs

In Health, Health Tech, Industrial-Manufacturing, Publisher Channel, Supply Chain by Mary Kurek

…DeRoyal Press Release on Automated Isolation Gown Machine: Premier Press Release on Automated Isolation Gown Machine: DeRoyal Website: Garrett Bolks, Bolks Consulting Special Thanks to Co-Host, Garrett…

Marissa Fayer – CEO of HERHealthEQ (Social Enterprise focused on Women’s Health Equipment Access in Developing Countries)

In by Mary Kurek

…Design & Outsourcing, BloombergLaw, Med Device Online, MPO magazine and Marissa leads the #wealththroughhealth and #healthequityforwomen movements and is dedicated to moving women’s health forward throughout the world. Marissa…

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Linda Mac Dougall Educates and Advocates for Healthy and Safe Aging

In Aging, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

…with a client base who appreciates her holistic approach to managing the health stresses of aging. She shares her expertise with aging care professionals and family caregivers as well as…

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Rehman Hassan Founded iCure Health While in Middle School and Now Is a Leader at WHO Adolescents

In Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Health, Publisher Channel, Youth by Blessing Enofe

…plus people to date. Now, as a High School Senior, Rehman continues his leadership in healthcare accessibility with the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN groups taking notice. As a…

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David Wofford and the UN Foundation are Working Toward Improved Accessible Workplace Healthcare

In equality, Health, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

  David Wofford serves in the capacity of Senior Director at the UN Foundation with his current work wrapped around equitable workplace healthcare through the Universal Access Project and the…

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Dave DeMarco: Healthcare Policy and Innovation Strategy

In Game Changers 17, Health by Mary Kurek

…with J&J leadership in developing Janssen Healthcare Innovation, charged with creating future business units. Dave led the transformation of EY’s US Health practice, resulting in a $750 million business. As…