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Penny Heyes of The Trust Bridge Supports Data Security and the Industry it Created

In Features25, Game Changers 25 by Mary Kurek1 Comment

…the governance of the company/organization. CFOs, as they are often the ones looking at governance as well, but will hold the budgets, so they need to understand the benefits of…

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Data Transfer and Cybersecurity issues

In ADP From The Trust Bridge Channel by Mary Kurek

…than terrorism and are potentially catastrophic in both the short and long term. IT Governance recorded more than a thousand publicly disclosed security incidents in 2020, which resulted in more…

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James Akan Aims High To Lead Through Policy to Create Change for African Youth

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Publisher Channel by Casey Riley

governance. James’ passion is only eclipsed by his intelligence about how to create change through policymaking and, like a smart governing leader, he listens to the youth he is serving…

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Ambassador Ghazala Khan Meets with Young Policymakers to Answer Questions

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Life Lab, Publisher Channel by Casey Riley

…their areas. Each of the young people involved in this conversation has either studied international politics and governance, is involved in policymaking, or has created programs that speak to the…

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Abdulla A. Al Saleh, Undersecretary of Ministry for Economy of Foreign Trade (UAE)

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…Minister of UAE and the ruler of Dubai…“Good governance is about nothing more or less than creating happiness. It really is that simple.” Undersecretary Al Saleh’s Networking Interests: Innovators and…

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Game Changer Monica Trujillo (Health Tech)

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…clinical program as well as the development of the clinical governance and stakeholder engagement framework as Australia’s inaugural CCIO Led the engagement process for the National Digital Health Strategy ensuring…

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The New Executive Director for The World Business Council for Sustainable Development Talks About Impact

In Game Changers 13, Introducer Game Changers and World NGOs' Best Impact 13 by Mary KurekLeave a Comment

…a company’s disregard of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) expectations and ignoring its sustainability responsibilities affects its brand and long-term value. We at WBCSD bring companies together and work collaboratively…

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Game Changer Dr. Osita Aniemeka is Training Youth as Entrepreneurs and “Agropreneurs” To Industrialize Nigeria

In Features 14 by Mary Kurek4 Comments

…of the Year 2002 (American Bibliographical Institute) for his years of development work in Africa. Dr. Aniemeka gained extensive experience in SME development strategy, performance management, non-profit governance, public-private- dialogue/partnership,…

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Developing Youth As Global Citizens By Adewumi Mojisola  

In Features 14 by Mary Kurek2 Comments

…interact and actively participate in government development projects and how they are governed. A centralized technology-based mechanism for citizen’s recommendations and feedback on transparency, good governance and accountability should be…