Development (Secured 2 multi-million dollar funding options for an economic development project in Africa.) \n\n Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues Andy Greider. Managing Partner and Chief Dot Connector. Healthcare Evolution…

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Abdulla A. Al Saleh, Undersecretary of Ministry for Economy of Foreign Trade (UAE)

In Economic Development, Game Changers 15, Technology by Mary Kurek

…has put in AED 50 billion with the aim to transform the ease of doing business, and bring lasting economic benefits to Emiratis, residents, and investors, Dubai’s economic stimulus package…

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Hon Amb Ameenah Gurib-Fakim and Amb Richard Swett Discuss Solutions for African Development

In Africa, Agriculture, Economic Development, Publisher Channel, womensempowerment by Blessing Enofe

…African continent. She and Co-Host, Amb. Richard Swett, in this recorded conversation, talked about issues and solutions relating to agriculture, economic development, women’s empowerment, and more. Host, Mary Kurek, introduces…

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Ksenija Cipek, Dame of Honour: International Tax Expert

In Game Changers 18 by Mary Kurek

…and Digital Distributed Ledger. She is Board Advisor of the European Network for Economic Cooperation and Development (EUCED A.E.I.E. – E.E.I.G), Member of the European Law Institute (2018), Contributor Member…

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Nikita Shukla is a World Economic Forum Shaper Using “Courageous Conversations” To Create Change

In Health, Publisher Channel, womensempowerment, Youth by Mary Kurek

Nikita Shukla is a youth advocate, equality-in-healthcare promotor, and economic empowerment activist. As a World Economic Forum “Shaper,” Nikita’s work centers on having what she calls “courageous conversations.” These conversations…

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Frontrunners Innovate 2024

Welcome to Frontrunners Innovate, a media enterprise of Frontrunners Development, inc. the global business development company that sources opportunities and resources for the world’s innovators and problem solvers. Visit our…

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Frontrunners Innovate 2022

…entrepreneurship development opportunities to create jobs and job creators.\n\n Health/Wellness We connect healthtech and programs in maternal, public health, and mental wellness to partners for development and deployment.\n\n Infrastructure/Economic Development/Environment…

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Connecting Partners – Frontrunners Nation Update on Impact Connections and Results 1

In Frontrunner Nation, Frontrunners Nation, Publisher Channel, Updates by Blessing Enofe

…our media platform, Frontrunners Innovate, are working from the diplomatic, corporate, founder, and nonprofit levels on innovating solutions in education, climate, economic development, international relations and peace, youth, development, clean…

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Frontrunners Update – Behavioral Telehealth – Search with Privacy – Film Project

In Publisher Channel, Updates by Mary Kurek

…where online privacy (search without being tracked by big media) would be important. Leaders and decision-makers in countries and states anywhere who are interested in unique economic development models. Impact…