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Frontrunners Live Introductions: Monique Wells and Dr. Jackie King Find Collaboration

In Live Introductions by Mary Kurek

…Jackie. Jackie has a new and growing media platform that is faith-based and “houses” channels that include everything from entertainment and culture to education and empowerment. Her network is filled…

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CCPA-GDPR (and UK)-NDPR-DIFC-LGPD – Are They All The Same?

In ADP From The Trust Bridge Channel, Channels by Mary Kurek

…Fullscreen The Trust Bridge™ offers a unique combination of legal, technical, and practical implementation experience plus independently accredited training and education relating to e-privacy laws and global data protection regulations….

How to Build a Business Development Consultancy

…clean energy, agriculture, transportation, finance, and education innovation that results in improving lives, economies, and futures. And, you know that’s not all.\n\n Collaboration: I want (need) well-trained business development colleagues…