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Frontrunners in Faith: A Global Love Story

In Frontrunners in Faith by Mary Kurek

…for mentorship, recommendations for leadership, education, and awards opportunities, meetings of support between parties far apart, and simple offers to be of service between members. These are acts that I…

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Feature: Dr. Jacqueline King Launches Black Women Empowered Media Platform

In Empowerment by Mary Kurek

…spiritual roots. Black Women Empowered is proud to have a membership diverse in ethnicity, gender, and age. Their newly launched platform will include comedy, educational, and growth opportunities, as well…

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Frontrunners Live Introductions: Monique Wells and Dr. Jackie King Find Collaboration

In Live Introductions by Mary Kurek

…Jackie. Jackie has a new and growing media platform that is faith-based and “houses” channels that include everything from entertainment and culture to education and empowerment. Her network is filled…

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CCPA-GDPR (and UK)-NDPR-DIFC-LGPD – Are They All The Same?

In ADP From The Trust Bridge Channel, Channels by Mary Kurek

…Fullscreen The Trust Bridge™ offers a unique combination of legal, technical, and practical implementation experience plus independently accredited training and education relating to e-privacy laws and global data protection regulations….

How to Build a Business Development Consultancy

…clean energy, agriculture, transportation, finance, and education innovation that results in improving lives, economies, and futures. And, you know that’s not all.\n\n Collaboration: I want (need) well-trained business development colleagues…