Opportunities to Connect in The Introducer: Climate Change and Circular Economy

In Networking Opps by Mary Kurek

As is our practice with The Introducer Magazine, we are sharing the connections we see between those featured in the current edition (this one is the 16th on Climate Change & Circular Economy).  If we see the connection, we’ll also include members of the Frontrunners League.

Here we go:  (You can follow the links to their article.)  For League members:  if you see a contact you’d like us to introduce you to, email annie@frontrunnersleague.com 

  • Tony Bello and Adewumi Mojisola who were featured in the same article should connect regarding mutual interest in agriculture and the shared homeland of Nigeria.  Tony may be able to impart useful ideas/information relative to “Sola’s” programs.
  • Princess Maja and Celia Sawyer from the 15th edition might connect regarding charitable interests and, because they are both decorators, they might share resources on “green” materials.
  • Michael Soskil and Rob Brown (Frontrunners League Advisory Board) could connect regarding Michael’s interest in meeting with a US attorney familiar with international NGO work. Rob is a US-based attorney and may be able to help or direct him on. Michael and David Ramjohn might have a good conversation as Michael wanted to connect with a climate scientist with experience in K-12 ed.  Not sure he has experience with youth, but, he is a Rotary member and they are all about youth.  Worth a convo.
  • Stephen Fern has been working in the Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) space for a number of years and has successfully moved those relationships into working on climate change solutions.  He might connect with Vin Lee of the 15th edition and Anthony Jackson page 23, 1st edition, who have access to the same space and both have a heart for working in social impact.  Vin works with family offices and Anthony has developed a couple of large networks of UHNW individuals and is heading toward developing a network of family offices.
  • Katherine Foster might connect with Richard Munang and Elena Crete.  Richard and Elena work within organizations that navigate and inform policy and we could easily see the possibility of collaboration with Katherine for mutual benefit and the opportunity to hold meaningful conversations relative to environment, energy, and climate.
  • Vannary Kong wants to meet with cybersecurity experts.  She should communicate with our newest Frontrunners League member, Michael Stephen Ruiz, who is a cybersecurity expert.  Additionally, she’d like to meet with people involved in foreign policy.  She needs to connect with Okey Enyia from the 3rd edition, page 26, who was a policy aide in the US Congress, is in the same town as she is, and is currently a Management Analyst in the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. Okey also has a consultancy relative to policy analysis.
  • David Ramjohn should connect with Stephen Fern relative to Stephen’s work with the UHNW community and impact investing, as David has expressed interest in philanthropists and legacy impact investors.
  • Richard Munang and Dr. Osita Aniemeka of the 14th edition and Tony Bello should chat relative to Richard’s experience with having spearheaded the conceptualization, planning, and creation of the 1st Africa Ecosystem-Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly.  Osita does a lot in agripreneurship and he works with Tony on the Shine Bridge organization based in the US that works on sustainable economic programs related to the food industry in Africa.
  • John Shegerian should connect with our new Frontrunners League member, Michael Stephen Ruiz because Michael has expertise in cybersecurity, lives about 20 minutes from John’s e-waste recycling facility in Texas, and Michael has expressed interest in a conversation.
  • Ngozika Onyekwelu might connect with John Shegerian who founded the largest electronic waste recycling plant in the US.  John could have some advice for her as she continues development on her own recycling plant in Zambia.  Danielle Joseph of Closed Loop Partners Innovation Fund who was featured in the 13th edition could be helpful to her in Ngozika’s bid for funding. Richard Munang could be helpful as a UN contact relative to environmental issues.  As a contact who has had experience in working with Africa’s largest urban redevelopment fund with a project in Zambia, we think she should connect with this expert from edition 3, page 10 – Kenneth Goodwin.
  • Cassia Moraes should meet up with Vannary Kong as they are both young leaders on the move to create change in policy and work with other youth leadership organizations on SDGs-related issues.  In fact, we thought this was such a good idea that we had them matched up for a mentoring program.
  • Austin Shelton should reach out to David Ramjohn because David is all about algae as a serious contender for solving some of our climate change issues.  Set aside that he is a scientist with a marine biology background, but he comes from Trinidad and Tobago so he has the island mindset.  Note to Austin:  invite him to Guam and let’s see what you guys can do.

I’m sure there’s more, but, let’s see if you find any connections for yourself.