Nikita Shukla is a World Economic Forum Shaper Using “Courageous Conversations” To Create Change

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Nikita Shukla is a World Economic Forum Shaper Using "Courageous Conversations" To Create Change

Nikita Shukla is a youth advocate, equality-in-healthcare promotor, and economic empowerment activist. As a World Economic Forum “Shaper,” Nikita’s work centers on having what she calls “courageous conversations.” These conversations would be the ones where the aim is to find that place of mindset shift where change can actually happen.  Nikita understands that her youth, sex, and even her skin color may create a challenge in her work, but, undaunted, she adopts the platform of an organization that offers her voice a place and platform.  That organization is the Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation.

Nikita uses all vehicles accessible to her to reach goals, but, in particular, as a global health analyst, her data skills make for great fuel for seeing clearly where change is needed most.

Nikita talks with Mary Kurek, Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer about the work she does, the challenges she faces, and the accomplishments that make her smile.

Meet Nikita Shuka. (23-minute video).  All opinions are Nikita’s own.

Nikita Shukla’s Bio:

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Nikita Shukla’s Contact:

Website:  Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security & Conflict Transformation


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