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Networking Opportunities Identified in The Introducer Edition on Health Tech

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Welcome to what The Introducer does best – facilitate connection.  For those who have been reading The Introducer for a while, you know that about a week after the edition goes live, we post the networking connections we see between those featured in the current edition (and we include some from previous editions where there’s a fit).  So, for The Real Value of Health Tech Edition #12, here we go:

  • Rakshit Mehta and Julien de Salaberry (feature article front page) should connect over mutual interests in incubating health tech in Asia Pac.  They have different ways of doing that which could lead to collaboration.
  • Henrik Ibsen stated in his spotlight that he wanted to meet “device producers that seek distribution in combination with other types of devices.”  Joe Hitt, who has an amazing wearable on the market, might find

    GoX Labs new wearable

    Henrik a good connection.  Because Henrik also stated that he is interested in meeting “healthcare organizations that have actual experience in large-scale telehealth and remote patient monitoring, he might find it interesting to speak with JoAnn Castillo (Edition # 3) regarding her telehealth business that goes to remote locations and marginalized areas.  Info swap for sure.  Patient monitoring in remote areas would likely also interest Jacques Kpodonu (stakeholder in this edition) who is seriously passionate about improving patient outcomes in Ghana.

  • Jacques Kpodonu and Godfrey Coker (Edition #8) should speak.  Godfrey is an accomplished innovator,  connected to the healthcare space and from that area of Africa.  Formerly on staff at the UN, Godfrey is currently finishing up at Keck School of Medicine.
  • Berne Gibbons and Robert Stone (Edition # 8) should connect as Berne shares in her spotlight that she’d like to meet “developers of new digital technology looking to enter the Australian and New Zealand market.”  Bob is an expert in New Zealand’s innovation and technology scene.  Crunchbase 2019 ranked Bob as one of the top influencers of innovation in Australia and New Zealand out of 10,600 ranked innovators and ranked #1 in New Zealand.  He has experience and interest in decentralizing health data – good matchup for an interesting conversation that could lead to collaboration.
  • Jonathan Sudharta and Joe Hitt should talk.  Jonathan states in his spotlight an interest in meeting “health tech innovators with products already on the market.”  Joe fits with his life-changing wearable.  Jonathan also wants to meet “employees of health tech companies.”  Berne Gibbons could help him with that as she consults in executive search in this space.  And, because he’s also interested in meeting “investors who have invested in other health tech products around the world,” he might chat with Rakshit Mehta.  From Rakshit’s spotlight:  “He specializes in IP, commercialization and technology management, venture capital, international trade, and investments.  Rakshit has been instrumental in turning promising scientific ideas into useful products and companies.  He has been a part of numerous licensing deals and has been involved in a multi-million dollar fundraise.”  All that, and Jonathan fits the type of entrepreneur that Rakshit, himself, wants to meet.
  • For the reason above, Tim Fitzpatrick might reach out to Rakshit about his own technology product aimed at healthcare, specifically, the aging population.  And, Tim should connect to Deb Tauber because Deb is interested in meeting “industry leaders in game-based learning and virtual and mixed reality with a keen interest in maximizing these modalities to improve learner outcomes.”  Tim’s VR product sounds like a fit as it hits on education and improving patient outcomes.  Let’s add Monica Trujillo to Tim’s call list. Monica is looking to meet “health technology companies working on consumer engagement strategy.”  Tim’s product engages!
  • Monica Trujillo shares that she is interested in meeting population experts and data mining.  Stephanie Hayden (Edition # 4) and Sean Griffin (Disaster Special Edition) both would be great for her meet.  Stephanie is an entrepreneur, futurist, and Smart City solution designer with 20+ years creating future state technology vision for leaders in private and public sectors paired with implementation plans that transform siloed environments into sustainable and resilient shared services for large populations.  Her experience in data has created a solution for a lead poisoning event in California.  Sean Griffin is using data for predictive measures and to calculate best escape plans when disasters hit.  Sean’s experience in data comes from years of experience on the White House National Security Council and several US departments, to include Health & Human Services.  The man knows a bit about data and populations.  (Hearing that Henrik?)
  • Deb Tauber should connect with Darryl Hughes (Edition #3) because of her interest in meeting leaders in game-based learning.  Darryl is an accomplished game developer and has products in the works for the

    Game changer Darryl Hughes

    healthcare space.  Deb might also reach out to Jacques Kpodono regarding his connections with universities and hospitals and his interest in improving healthcare in Ghana.

  • Marley Dozier who was featured as one of our first Frontrunners Youth League members should connect with Berne Gibbons and Jacques Kpodono as the latter two have experience at Johns Hopkins and Marley is exploring a career at a special event there this summer and needs to build her network of support in that field.
  • Elizabeth Chee and Julien de Salaberry (featured in our front-page article) should connect because of mutual interests in health tech in Asia and because Elizabeth is an awarded entrepreneur in the space.  Julien’s company is headquartered in Singapore where Elizabeth is from and where she has helped to found health tech organizations.
  • Heather Zenk and one of our Women Leaders in Blockchain (Frontrunners League Special Group) should speak about supply chain data and tracking.  Radhika Iyengar-Emens is an Advisory Council Member of Elev8.  From Radhika’s Linkedin profile:  “I’m focused on assisting with their industry conferences and other content initiatives especially in the Healthcare, Pharma, Supply Chain, and Fintech verticals.”  Sounds like a win.
  • Rachel De Sain and JoAnn Castillo (Edition # 3) should talk because of these stated accomplishments from Rachel’s spotlight:  “Led the development and writing of Australia’s Digital Health Strategy 2018-22, having it approved by all state, territory, and federal health ministers – the first time a strategy had been approved by all ministers in 9 years.”  There are other reasons, but, we believe JoAnn is way ahead of health tech in the Philippines and therefore, we could see her leading the charge for something similar.  We also think Rachel might learn from JoAnn’s work “in the trenches.”
  • Kim Webber and Jacques Kpodono might talk relative to Kim’s interest in meeting “health policymakers and strategists who want to support health reforms with digital health tools.”  Jacques is working on that in Ghana.
  • Rakshit Mehta and Elizabeth Chee should talk – both based in Switzerland.  Rakshit is founding partner of Indo Swiss Blockchain Alliance and Elizabeth shares a blockchain interest. Rakshit develops ecosystems for health tech entrepreneurs and Elizabeth is one…and an awarded one at that.
  • Joe Hitt and Yan Chow (stakeholder in the current edition) should chat, as Joe could benefit from knowing that Yan is “lead physician-scientist for early development clinical trials incorporating wearable sensors, medical devices, mobile technology, and digital health strategy.” Joe has a wearable.
  • Stakeholders from this edition, Yan Chow and Cris De Luca might have an interesting conversation.  When asked how Johnson and Johnson prioritizes innovations, Cris responded “we launched four Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers in the life sciences hotspots of Boston, California, London, and Shanghai with remit to focus on sourcing collaborations with regional entrepreneurs at startup companies, universities, and institutes who are developing early-stage innovations.”  Cris said one of their areas of focus is medical devices.  Yan is, aside from his work at Amgen (where he is lead physician-scientist for early development clinical trials incorporating wearable sensors) the managing director of a Silicon Valley innovation consulting firm.  We think they’d have plenty to talk about.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of connections that could be made, but, perhaps it gets you thinking about how you might utilize this publication and inspire you about conversations you could be having.  Interested in connecting with someone here?  Click the links highlighted on the game changers here to view their spotlight and you’ll find the link to their Linkedin profile at the bottom…or just find them yourself on Linkedin. Or, you can, of course, comment below.  Get busy!