Networking Connections in The Introducer: Royals, Philanthropists, & Diplomats

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Our most popular post is ready.  Last edition’s “Networking Connections” post on Linkedin surpassed the number of views on the posting of the actual magazine the first day we posted it.  These are the business opportunities we see between game-changers in the current and past editions of the magazine. We do this about a week after each edition goes live.  If you don’t want to miss this, you should definitely add yourself to the mailing list (bottom right home page).  You could quite possibly see a connection for yourself here.  If so, we expect you’ll take the initiative to reach out to them. If you are a member of The Frontrunners League and see a serious opportunity here (and would like an official introduction and facilitated call), let us know.  You know how to reach us. If you aren’t…you might think about checking us out at  Social impact business development is really what we are all about, so as you read this, know that we are already busy setting up and facilitating calls for that purpose.

Here we go:  (Note, those that are in the current edition-15th edition-can be found circulating on the top of the page – others from previous editions will be linked to their own spotlights.  If you are reading this in the archive, you can find all spotlights from the 15th edition by checking the archive directory along the right column.

Her Highness, Princess Murad and Vin Lee of this edition should speak regarding mutual interests in diamonds and other luxury commodities.  Additionally, Celia Sawyer and Alana Stott of this edition may be good contacts for her as they both have ties to British Royal Family charities and Her Highness states a specific desire for connections to members of the Royal Family.  Anthony Jackson (Ed #1) of the UK who works in the UHNW space and is a leader of a large network of the same on Linkedin could be meaningful to her work. The Princess and Varsha Ajmera, (Ed #14) COO of the World Youth Foundation in Malaysia might have an interesting conversation.  Varsha has been working with youth and UN-related activities for several years and is a leader in her space in their mutual home country.  Since Her Highness is interested in connecting with authorities at The World Bank, she could be interested in a conversation with Fannie Delavelle (Ed #14) who is currently serving as an Analyst at the World Bank Gender Innovation Lab in Washington D.C.  

Vin Lee and Celia Sawyer of this edition need to connect due to her interest in meeting with family office CEOs.  That’s Vin. Also, Vin might meet with Anthony Jackson (Ed #1) and Jamie Baulch (Ed #1).  Both of the UK. Anthony circulates in the UHNW space regarding business, trade in rare diamonds, etc. Anthony’s personal area of interest in impact is ocean clean up. See HH Princess Murad above.  Jamie is a 3x world champion athlete turned entrepreneur in PR and silent auction items. His network has him doing charity events in places like Monte Carlo. There’s impact in luxury dollars.  

Undersecretary Abdulla Al Saleh of this edition has stated an interest in 3d printing and innovations/tech that supports healthcare. Joe Hitt (Ed #12) meets that need with his wearables that impact workplace safety and also diabetes management. Joe has corporate backing for his clinical trials that are due to start in a matter of weeks. Dr. Chance Glenn (Ed #3) has an innovation in 3d printing that would be worth a conversation.  And, there are actually several other connections (3 have approached me today that want to meet the Undersecretary), but, the first step would be a call with myself, Robert Branch (Ed #2) and Dr. James Overton (Ed #8) of our partnering org, Living, Learning & Working, Inc. We have a multitude of game-changers (including our Women Leaders in Blockchain group) in several areas of tech that would be interested in meeting him.

Ambassador Rubina Ali of this edition has already hit the ground running with connections – before the edition even went live.  We’ve already connected her with Jake Harrison, (Ed #13) Mojisola Adewumi and Dr. Osita Animeka (Ed #14), and Phil and Yin Johnson(Ed #2), plus a few others. (By the way, thanks to Antwain Thomas of our Frontrunners Advisory Board for the intro to Ambassador Ali.) We’d further recommend she might consider talking with Undersecretary Al Saleh as a diplomatic peace-keeping conversation, Aniema Udofa (Ed #6) regarding women entrepreneurship programs in Africa, and JoAnn Castillo (Ed #3) regarding health/telehealth in remote areas of Africa and Asia.  Additionally, it could be a good thing for Ambassador Ali and Varsha Ajmera in Malaysia to chat regarding mutual interests in youth development and UN SDGs. Varsha is a “doer” and a voice to be heard.

Celia Sawyer and Alpha Blackburn of this edition share professional work in interior design and both are avid philanthropists. Could make for an interesting swap of professional information and possible collaboration.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Celia didn’t already know Jamie Baulch, Anthony Jackson, (see Vin Lee’s bit above) and Alana Stott, but, if not, we’d recommend those conversations to be had.  Alana works in property development, so we can see how Celia’s work might be of interest.  Additionally, they both have ties to British Royal Family charities. Additionally, one of my advisory board members is also working with a family office heading up a project. Celia should connect with me on that.

Alpha Blackburn and Khalilah Shabazz of this edition should connect as they both have ties to IUPUI, have a strong interest in higher education, plus, they live in the same area.  Similarly, Atif Zafar (Ed #9), a tech innovator and healthcare professional in the same town might chat about Atif’s involvement in a tech board for training engineering students at universities. From the viewpoint of education, Rashid Faisal of Urban Teachers Academy in Detroit, Larry Griffin of the United Negro College Fund, DC, and Warren Morgan with Teach For America, St. Louis (all 3 Ed #9) might have meaningful conversations.

Ambassador Sam Verniero of this edition might reach out to Sherman Gilliums, Chief Strategy Officer with AmVets (DC area) relative to helping people (particularly veterans) with disabilities.  Sherman leads from a wheelchair…and does it beautifully.

Alana Stott of this edition and Marc Jarrett ( Ed #3)of the UK might have a conversation relative to Alana’s property development work and Marc’s business development talents.  Marc has ties everywhere, but especially in the US where he helps businesses make the leap to expand in other countries. Alana should read Celia’s bit above – because Jamie and Anthony would make good contacts for her, as well, in regards to charity work and her property development business.

Khalilah Shabazz of this edition might connect with Mojisola Adewumi in Africa on her substantial efforts working on women’s equity and inclusion.  

Wendy Steele, (Ed #6) Frontrunners League Advisory Board member, served as the Guest Editor for the 15th Edition.  She and Khalilah Shabazz might connect to see if there could be interest in her women’s group to organize an Impact 100.

A graceful nod to Doris Buffett whose philanthropic work as The Sunshine Lady over the years has impacted many.  Though she wasn’t able to give an interview, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing her in person several years ago, and know very well how she’s been “spending her cash” (and some of the brother, Warren’s, too, I believe).  So, I felt the featured picture for this post should say it all – and I believe it does.  God Bless you, Doris for “Giving it All Away.”

That’s it for this edition.  Get busy networking.