Moses Busher Coordinates Life-Changing Support for Villagers in Malawi

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Ambassador Moses Davide Busher is the Regional Director for Africa (stationed in Malawi) for the Yorghas Foundation, which is headquartered in Poland. The organization focuses on women’s maternal health, human rights for youth and women, and proper education. Most recently, though, Busher tells us of critical needs following floods in Malawi. They’ve been able to provide basics for about 30 households and are working to expand that reach. He also talks about an island off the coast that is without a proper hospital, schools, or electricity. With an hour’s boat ride to the mainland and another 45-minute ride to an official hospital, pregnant women at risk or anyone in urgent need is thrown into dire circumstances. Busher shares these stories and more with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek, as examples of where he feels solutions are a priority.

Meet Amb. Moses Busher.  (42:28 minute video)


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