Mmantlha Sankoloba Leads the Way for Export and Business Opportunities in Botswana

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Mmantlha will remind you why women everywhere are incredibly capable of working in what is typically considered a man’s role.  Her work in the Botswana Exporters and Manufacturers Association is part negotiator, business developer, and strategic administrator.  She distinguishes between having to lobby on behalf of employees at one point only to find herself doing the same for employers later.  She manages all with the confidence that comes with experience and determination.  Mmantlha brings a wealth of wisdom to other women she mentors as well as projects on which she works outside of the job.  She also represents her country well, promoting the important aspects of Botswana’s quality of life and development that would be key for outsiders to know and understand.

Mmantlha talked with Frontrunners Innovate Founder, Mary Kurek, about her work and how she impacts both the country and the women who reside there.  Meet Mmantlha Sankoloba.  (38-min video)

Short Bio on Mmantlha:

Currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Exporters and Manufacturers Association (BEMA), Founder of S.H.E Networks Global as well as Chairperson of the Advisory Board for University of Botswana’s Department of Marketing since 2018 and a seasoned HR Practitioner. Ms. Mmantlha Sankoloba is an experienced professional with a significant track record in executive leadership and real-time business practices in the manufacturing and export sector.

As Chairperson of the aforementioned Board, Ms. Sankoloba possesses impeccable organizational-relationship building skills, with a focus on investment/industry stakeholder relations, and gives strategic direction to the Board. In addition to being board chair at the University of Botswana Marketing Department, Mmantlha serves as a member of the Export Development Apex Team under the Ministry of Investment Trade and Industry, Private sector representative in the SACU Technical Committee for Senior Officials on Industrialization, Export, and Investment Promotion.

Ms. Sankoloba serves a lucrative role both at National and Regional level committees on Trade, where she is revered by peers and valued by clients for her ‘eccentric, pragmatic advisory role in the corporate space, particularly in leadership and strategy areas. The most sought after and frequent speaker in global high-level fora’s, known for her passion for corporate social responsibility projects. Her proficiencies are in Corporate Social Responsibility, corporate project execution, and facilitation on cross-sectoral and topical discussions on various issues of national and global interest.

  • Ms. Sankoloba is the co-Chair of the National AGOA Reference Group of Botswana.
  • She is also a “National Champion” for the Friends of the Agenda 2063 club (African Union, Southern Africa) in Botswana.
  • A National Steering Committee Chair of Trade Forward Southern Africa under/by British High Commission.
  • SADC Women in Business Country Chapter Head (Botswana)
  • Professional Mentor for women entrepreneurs at Ungwa Africa.
  • Entrepreneur

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