Maya Shetreat Makes Healing Options More Visible for All

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Maya Shetreat, MD, took her conventional medical background into natural medicine about the time her son’s chronic illness created the open door for research in the space. Her experience pushed her further into exploring the healing properties of plants, herbs, and even crystals. Now considered an expert by many in the space, she shares with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek, her own story and what she knows about the benefits of a more nature-based approach to healthcare.

Meet Maya Shetreat

Maya Shetreat’s Bio:

Dirt Cure Book by Maya Shetreat, MD

Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of The Dirt Cure which has been translated into 10 languages. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show, and more. Dr. Maya is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches earth-based programs for transformational healing, including professional training programs for psychedelic-assisted approaches. She works and studies with indigenous communities and healers from around the world, and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred.

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