Mary Kurek’s BizDev Boost Podcast Series – Episode 1 – Build a Better ToolBox

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This page is a companion to the BizDev Boost Podcast Series, Episode 1.  In this episode, I reviewed 3 tips to help those people who are business developing for their own businesses or other organizations.  It’s my aim to help others learn how to connect like a Frontrunner!

Tip 1)  Your Network is Your “ToolBox” – Build a Better ToolBox.  Just like any worker’s box of tools, you need to have a variety to build or fix things.  Same is true for your network.  You must embrace diversity and bring it into your network, particularly if you serve a global population.  You don’t need an enormous network to accomplish big works but, what you do need, is a genuine spirit about connecting, and a bit of strategy in how you go about it all.  The podcast will tell you what types you should concentrate on, but, here are a couple of examples to help you get the idea of how keeping a diverse network will get you and others to a “win.”

“Recently, I had the opportunity to introduce a group of young leaders from Africa to a UN Ambassador to speak to them about policy-making.  Shortly after that conversation, the Ambassador and I worked out an opportunity for her to train global leaders on diplomatic subjects.  In order to facilitate this project, I accessed an education professional in my network who could help the Ambassador put the curriculum together as well as a man who runs a university in Africa to allow his content platform to be the headquarters for this training.” 

“I don’t spend a lot of business time in the entertainment space, but, I had a request from a new (speaker/author) client for some help finding a director.  Since I happened to know that another member of my network was having a similar experience (story-to-book-to-film), I made the introduction.  Turned out that my network member had spent some time developing her own business to manage entertainment-related deals and had some very good information to share.”

Tip 2)  Create an Attraction Vehicle.  Having a reason to be connecting with new people is great for most of us.  My media platform, Frontrunners Innovate, allows me the opportunity to reach out to new people regularly and ask for an interview.  Many of them refer others to me.  If I request an interview with someone, then I’m offering a courtesy opportunity, but, for those who come to me for business purposes, there is a fee involved for dropping into my business development pool and securing the interview.  In all cases, I know that I’m developing a relationship that I may be able to utilize to help the interviewee and others.  Just good business.  I’ve seen other people use conferences/summits and other events where they can invite experts as speakers. Speakers are almost always authors and/or content providers. They need speaking opportunities.  If you provide it – they will come.  Find your vehicle.  If you are thinking you don’t have the time…think again.  The opportunities that will unfold will be absolutely amazing.  I’ve had invitations to visit other countries, appointments to serve monarchies, speaking opportunities, global board appointments, partnerships with global leaders, and the opportunity to impact young leaders around the world.  Make it part of your business model.

Tip 3)  Recurate Your ToolBox:  Most of the platforms where you’ll find profiles of people won’t begin to really help you know who they are, but, once you have a conversation and can call them a part of your network, you can bring their information over to a platform where you can tag them the way that YOU see them.  On my site, I have a directory where members can be listed, if they like.  Along with the interviews I’ve done over the years, I can search by name or the topic with which they’ve been tagged.  I can easily pull up their information/interview and share it when I’m getting ready to make an introduction.  From a business development standpoint, it’s awesome.  I interviewed a former US Congressman/US Ambassador about his economic development “smart” solution not long ago.  Before we even had a chance to really promote the interview, I had 3 different conversations where I needed to put that interview in front of someone before an introduction was to be made.  One of those was a country leader.

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