Marc Jarrett is the King of WhatsApp Business Development

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Marc is a disruptive game-changing virtual power networker who runs 120+ WhatsApp groups covering various business subjects.  Marc’s expertise was captured almost three years ago as he was featured in this publication, then called “The Introducer.”  Marc has since been a valued member of the Frontrunners League, introducing new contacts to our membership and to the business development arena.

He has worked in an advisory capacity to many companies, helping with business formations in the U.K. and Germany, providing leadership from successes won early on in telecoms. In 2000, he was first-to-market with cellphone/mobile “tuning” products (ringtones and logos) in the U.K., which, ultimately became a multi-million-dollar industry.

This game-changer is a British/German dual national, which is a good thing, given the situation presented by BREXIT (withdrawal of the U.K. from the European Union E.U.). Heading up Virtual Power Networking, Marc had, for years, been working with U.S. businesses to set up headquarters (professionally and personally) in the U.K. Now, as BREXIT has made it challenging to attract U.S. companies to a country in transition, he works to help U.S. and U.K. businesses to establish themselves within Europe’s largest and richest market, Germany.

Big impact project for a guy who is used to “moving mountains” to “cross ponds,” but where human rights are concerned, it’s a good mountain to move.

Marc’s Networking Interests:

  • Profitable Lower mid-market companies looking to exit – no buyer, no fee.
  • Private Equity Groups, Strategic Buyers, and high net worth individuals looking to buy profitable companies throughout Europe and North America.
  • North American, Asia Pacific, Australasian SMB’s interested in expanding into Europe
  • UK SME’s wishing to remain in EU and continue to trade freely with the EU27 post-Brexit by establishing a subsidiary in Europe’s powerhouse economy, Germany
  • Event agencies and organizers interested in hosting events on luxury boats and ships throughout the world.
  • MICE industry players interested in hosting virtual networking events
  • Digital Content Owners (Photographers, Authors, Musicians, etc) receptive to selling their work on the world’s first ‘Pay What You Want’ marketplace
  • Buying/Selling Gold, Diamonds and high-end Art eg Turner
  • Anyone interested in acquiring a
  • Angel Investors
  • Supercar rally enthusiasts see
  • Luxury Train Travel

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