Maka Ibrahim Helps Orphans and Widows in His Community in Uganda

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Women of Eastern Uganda District working on tailoring projects.

Maka Ibrahim has a mission; a mission he says was inspired by his brother. As CEO of Lift Up Hope, Maka works hard to create opportunities for education, sheltering, jobs, and more in his home village of Bugiri in eastern Uganda. Lift Up Hope is a Community Based Organization that seeks to help provide basic necessities to build up the economic base of the area.

Maka shares his dream for the organization and the challenges he’s facing with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek.

Meet Maka Ibrahim.  (16-minute video)

Maka Ibrahim’s Story and the Beginning of Lift Up Hope:

Maka Ibrahim has a diploma in tourism and hotel management from Kampala University Uganda.

It was in 1998 of my primary two at lwanda Primary School, my late brother, Maka Johnson, was working with Save Africa.  One day he brought Madam Caro and Mr Robinson as guests from USA. They were very friendly to our community as well as our school.
In 1998, there was a killing disease called cholera in lwanda village.  Caro and Johnson came up with a community study on cholera by showing a movie to rurals on how to prevent cholera.  That cinema video was at our playground.  As I was still young, I used to move with them while donating plate stands, soap washing taps, latrine lids, and I encouraged locals to cover leftovers, smoke latrines, and promoted them to wash hands after latrine with soap and also to boil drinking water, etc.  This led our community to be free from cholera. This motivated me that one day I will also work with a nonprofit organization for the benefit of our community and the entire world.

In 2014, after my diploma at Kampala University, I started Lift up Hope for the needy – foundation with a reason to fight illiteracy, poverty, famine, and uncured diseases which killed my brother (HIV/ AIDS).  In 2015, the Foundation was closed due to a lack of qualifications, and I started working with Queen Elizabeth National Park so that I could get money to start my vision. Later in 2018, I shared the idea with Mr Kirya Paul and Nakayuki Brenda for the benefit of our community and they agreed on working together.  Now the organization is fully registered with the local government as a community-based organization.  So far, we have 200 children without support:  30 are HIV/AIDS, 10 TB victims, 40 are suffering from sickle cell, and 2 are with brain cancer.  We help them with food, medication, shelter, clothes, education, etc.  We have 4 tailoring machines, 1 for knitting, 1 for shoemaking, this has helped our locals to recover lost happiness.

Our target: 
To buy land for a technical school and orphanage center and to buy more technical machinesDetails about Lift Up Hope:  The Lift Up Hope for the needy foundation is a nonprofit community-based organization in the eastern Uganda Bugiri district.  It is fully registered with the local government of Uganda No BGR 504/0233.  The Foundation was started in June 2018 under the guidance of three directors:

Maka Ibrahim – Managing Director
Kirya Paul  – Project Director
Nakayuki Brenda – Project Coordinator
The major aim of the Foundation is helping, supporting, and restoring the lost glory of the vulnerable and the underprivileged orphans/children and support of a girl child so as to reduce early pregnancies among girls within Bugiri and Busoga as a region. It’s basically to answer the need within our area of operation. Moreso, that orphans and young mothers in the district regain their hope in future through material support, provision of food, education, good nutrition, and health.
To create a world in which individuals can sustain their lives, whenever the need arises to meet their standards of living.
To empower individuals to improve their lives, through promoting community development in rural areas of Uganda.
To uplift the standards of living for underprivileged HIV/AIDS, TB, sickle cell, cancer, and covid-19 patients.
To educate human rights of all stakeholders (ie:  the children, disabled, and widows in areas of education and employment.

To coordinate, develop and promote social economic programs of orphans and needy families, not forgetting street kids by providing education support, ensuring food security in vulnerable families (poultry, art and craft, tailoring, etc)

To offer technical training and support to vulnerable children affected with HIV AIDS, TB, sickle cell, cancer, covid-19, etc

To strengthen the social-economic status of families affected with HIV AIDS, TB sickle cell, cancer, covid-19, etc

To support sustainable income-generating projects that target women and children.

To enhance the effort of rural farmers for sustainable household food production.

To facilitate rural communities to access basic health care.

To offer support in soil and water conservation Agricultural techniques.

To collect and register information concerning children, parents, guardians, and some people who may be able to provide assistance.

To fight poverty by promoting other income-generating activities that are in the interest of our community.

To impact holistic and God-loving community for spiritual guidance and support through Bible services, counseling, and guidance.

To improve health through the provision of clean water and ensuring good hygiene and sanitation activities.

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