Lindelwa Kunene is the Green Voice for the Kingdom of Eswatini

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Lindelwa Kunene is a big voice in a very small place.  But, his big “green” voice carries significant weight in the second smallest country in continental Africa, named Eswatini.

Lindelwa is a social entrepreneur with almost a decade of experience in leadership with various global and national organizations that range from leadership, humanitarianism, public policy, education for sustainable development, community development, climate change advocacy, and social entrepreneurship. He has worked and currently contributes to the success of organizations such as Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Afrika Speaks, UNESWA Green Team, Global Waste Solutions, Global Youth Biodiversity Network, International Human Rights Council, UNFCCC Youth Model, Students in Advancement for Global Entrepreneurship, Southern African Youth Movement, and Zimbabwe Sunshine Group. Lindelwa has served as a regional coordinator for the Africa Green Waste & Energy Expo/Conference, a platform aimed at inspiring the next generation of “greenpreneurs.”  Lindelwa has an honorary award from the government of Eswatini for his role in advancing recycling and waste management which he received in the 2018 Temvelo Awards.

Lindelwa currently serves on the local task team for UNESCO ESD 4 2030 Country Initiative as a youth representative. The mandate is to ensure that Sustainable Development Goals are achieved by the country before 2030.

Other than Lindelwa’s drive and obvious passion for impact, of note, is this young man’s vision of entrepreneurial success, which is undaunting and far bigger than the real estate on which he lives.

Please meet Lindelwa Kunene as he shares his story with Frontrunners Development Founder and President, Mary Kurek. (23-min video)

Note:  Eswatini is a small, landlocked kingdom, bordered in the North, West, and South by the Republic of South Africa and by Mozambique in the East. Eswatini has a land area of 17,364 km 2 (6,704 sq mi).   Eswatini is sometimes written in English as eSwatini, and formerly and still commonly known in English as Swaziland. 

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