Life Lab – Developing Assets Series on Verbalizing Who You Need in Your Network

In Life Lab by Mary Kurek

The first in the Developing Assets Series for our Life Lab is a basic short tutorial on the importance of being able to verbalize who you need in your network.  Your most important business asset is your network; an asset you will utilize over and over again to achieve goals.  But it requires some very specific attention to grow and manage it with success.

Most people reading this wouldn’t be able to answer the question “who do you need to meet in order to grow your business” in a way that would elicit responses with offers to make introductions.

This 13-minute video presented by Frontrunners Development Founder & CEO, Mary Kurek, will help you quickly understand why you should be able to verbalize who you need to meet, how to get clear on who you need to meet, and then how to verbalize that so that you can use it as a tool to secure referrals and connections with greater ease.

Get a piece of paper and a pen out and get ready to create one of your best networking tools.

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