Lavinia Osbourne: Financial Wellbeing Consultant

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Lavinia D. Osbourne is a Blockchain and Fintech enthusiast.  She is the founder and director of Butterfly Wealth Creation – A Holistic Financial Wellbeing and Money Mindfulness Consultancy. She works with clients to create a better relationship with their money, improve their personal finance and spread their financial wings to create wealth, preserve it and prosper.

She also works with corporates, such as WeWork, MFW, and other high profile brands, to deliver workplace financial education sessions.
In addition to the above, she is the creator and host of Women in Blockchain Talks – a platform to elevate female leaders in the Blockchain sphere with the purpose to encourage other women to come into the industry as well as create a career in it.
She believes that Blockchain is the future of business, as well as money; as such it is important that we all take our place in this new and emerging technology.

Q & A with Lavinia:
Q:  When you are speaking to startups that know nothing about blockchain, how do you begin to explain and educate them on its value?

A:  I explain that Blockchain is a new way of creating transactions between parties where you don’t require a third-party intermediary and where you can track all movements relating to the transaction via the use of cryptography. Ultimately, it cuts costs and makes things more transparent, immutable, and trustworthy. With that being said, similarly to the internet, you don’t actually need to understand how Blockchain technology works but how you can build on it.

Q:  Given that you’ve interviewed many women leaders on blockchain projects, what have you found that most intrigues you as an innovative approach?

A:  My interviews spotlight female leaders in Blockchain. Leaders come in all different forms, be it as the CEO of a company, Marketing lead, Community Manager, etc.  I think taking the time to learn about them as individuals makes a positive impact on the people in the audience. People are tired of being sold to, they want to be inspired. As Maya Angelou, once said, “people will forget what you said, what you did but not how you made them feel.” In my interviews, people may forget the company the interviewees represent but they don’t forget the feeling of understanding their journey both in life and Blockchain. It inspires them to take action! 

Q:  What are women leaders in this space determining as most challenging to their work?

A:  Acquiring funding to initiate and continue their projects. Being paid what they are worth when working with other people’s projects, especially when asked to speak.

What is so amazing about this space is that it is open to everyone to create and take their slice of the pie. But women are still under-represented in Tech, much less Blockchain, so resources – funds, educational programmes, and sustainable communities need to be made available to promote, inspire, and encourage inclusion and diversity.

Q:  Can you share with us what holistic financial education involves?

A:  Holistic financial education is not just focusing on the practical and educational element of personal finance but also on how you engage with your finances. How it makes you think, feel, and thus, be. Money and one’s finance are not the root of all evil but not understanding it and making it your master is.

Money and the teaching of it have to be delivered in a way that interacts with one’s mental (well)being which is why I like to incorporate elements of mindfulness when working with a client about money. This looks like a client mediating over the word ‘money’ and then checking in with their feelings whilst doing it. What comes up for them and why?  It is for this reason I am launching the first-ever Global Financial Wellbeing Day this year.

Lavinia’s Networking Interests:

  • TV producer with an interest in creating a new paradigm around personal finance
  • Wealth management professional who works with celebrities
  • High profile money journalist interested in Financial wellbeing
  • Successful woman/women in Blockchain to interview
  • Business Manager who is experienced at working with creating/managing financial media platforms
  • High profile blockchain companies



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