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Laurent NICOLAS is CEO of DIABNEXT, graduated in 2002 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers ENSAM and HEC Paris Business School in 2003. After 2 years in marketing at PSA Peugeot, he co-founded with Richard Binier, France’s first Home Health Care company in France: ASSISTEO Healthcare. After selling the company, DOMUSVI, a global group of retirement homes, Laurent created BOSTON LIFE LABS LLC, a connected medical device company gathering vital signs of patients at home, which was acquired in 2012 by NANTHEALTH LLC. Suddenly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 12 years ago when working in ASSISTEO Healthcare, Laurent NICOLAS joined Richard BINIER in a new healthcare venture innovating and patenting new smart devices and applications in Digital Health and AIoT to help patients with Diabetes Chronic Disease. DIABNEXT is today a company specialized to help Healthcare providers to provide better care to their patients with Diabetes. Developed by patients and physicians, DIABNEXT is today a unique Diabetes Digital solution, readily available on App Stores and in a Web version both for Patients, Hospitals and Clinics. Remote monitoring of patients with Diabetes has proven records of very high outcomes in terms of quality of care for the patients and in terms of time-saving and cost for hospitals.

Q & A with Laurent:

Diabnext Digital Health Management Platform and Apps

Q:  Diabnext has several tools to help patients with diabetes manage their disease.  What makes Diabnext products and programs unique from other programs that combine monitoring with education on the market?

A:  The Diabnext App offers to Patients a unique and universal solution: whatever the type of Diabetes patients have been diagnosed with, whatever medical equipment they are using such as insulin pens, glucometers, continuous glucose monitors, pumps, … the Diabnext App allows all patients to have their Diabetes most important disease trackers securely saved and displayed on their phone.

The Diabnext App adds then several options to Patients with Diabetes, for example, to share their data with Healthcare professionals that follow them, or use the App to make daily decisions about the management of their disease: manage their diet, exercise, calculate the number units of insulin to inject, better balance their daily life, trend their blood glucose. Healthcare professionals can visualize on a very user-friendly web tool all patient’s data trends at a glance, can send useful therapeutic educational tools, messages, make a call or video conference with any of their Patients.

Q:  How do you address patient information security?

A:  Diabnext Corporation manages its servers in many different countries according to the local laws of protection of healthcare and personal data. Fully HIPAA compliant in the USA, Diabnext Clouds, App, and Web tools are also strictly following the Europe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe including all the strict regulations regarding Patients’ consents, their right to access, to transfer or erase their personal data. Every country, including Asia, have very different requirements. Diabnext data security engineering team is acting locally on a country-by-country basis to abide by the specific data privacy rules.

Q:  Can you share impact information on what Diabnext has accomplished so far?

A:  Created in 2017, we have designed and manufactured for patients several generations of IoT devices such as Clipsulin, Gluconext, etc… winning innovation award in Healthcare innovation such as the CES INNOVATION AWARD and many other innovation international competitions. We are the only company in the world who can read and transfer insulin units injected from any insulin pen, disposable or reusable. In 2019, Diabnext Corporation has launched its Professional Web Solution to Hospitals and Physician Practices in multiple large hospitals that each manage several hundreds of patients with Diabnext ProWeb solution.

Patients can enjoy the benefits of Diabnext App for free by downloading Diabnext App on Android and iOS Stores. Our research team continues to work daily on innovations to offload some of the heavy burdens on the lives of Patients with Diabetes. With its leadership and management knowing Diabetes as Patients, all the Diabnext company team strives to strike Diabetes with uniquely designed digital innovations and investing in how IoT, AioT, and Artificial Intelligence could benefit even more Patients with Diabetes.

Q:  You are not new to founding and leading healthtech entities.  What has made it easier for you to get products to market as an innovator?

A:  What helps in Healthcare and in Medtech start-ups is common to any venture: Passion. Our shared passion for Diabetes drives the Diabnext team’s day-to-day dedication to follow and support the journeys of each Patient with Diabetes. Diabnext Corporation is present with passion wherever Digital Health can help Patients.

“Awareness” is one key mission in our Company Mission Statement so Diabnext’s team work every day to change people’s habits and promote prevention; For example, Diabnext team drives awareness with a Marathon Team – The DIABNEXT – La French Tech against Diabetes at the Taipei Marathon in 2019, and is the only team running for Diabetes Awareness in this international event.

As a frontrunner and innovator in Healthcare, looking back and looking forward, I see how lucky I am to work and inspire my teams to help others. Helping others certainly also helps me and my teams stay at the front, work hard and smart to be a global innovation leader.

Laurent’s Networking Interests:

  • Healthcare professionals : diabetologist, CDEs
  • CMO  of large Health Systems and Big Pharma






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